Good Morning Goreme!

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Good Morning Goreme!

Goreme (Turkey). Every morning, just before the sunset, hundreds of hot air balloons take off with tourists on board to fly all together above Cappadocia – a popular region in the hearth of the Anatolian Turkey – and see the sun coming out from behind the famous fairy chimneys.

I had the privilege to make this trip some years ago, and it is still extremely vivid in my mind. Just simply flying with a hot air balloon is something unique, especially when you are used to fly with a plane, because finding yourself suspended in the air without the noise of engines is really surprising. And flying with a hot air balloon over an unique land like Cappadocia is a breathtaking experience!

Today, hot air balloons are part of this landscape. Googling “Cappadocia” or “Goreme” shows a huge set of landscape photographs with hot air balloons everywhere. I must confess that I could not resist to the temptation of doing the same photo of many others! So, one morning I woke up before the sunrise and I prepared my tripod and my camera for the shooting. With the very first sunrise lights, I was able to see some hot air balloons taking off. And once the sun rays were more and more filtering through the fairy chimneys, this is what I had in front of my eyes.

I decided to print this photograph in a very large format, and it is now hung on a wall in my living-room. Every morning, when I watch it while drinking my coffee, I say the same thing that came to my mind when I photographed this landscape: “good morning, Goreme!”

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