Istiklal Caddesi

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Istiklal Caddesi

Istanbul (Turkey). Thousands and thousands of people walk day&night along the popular Istiklal Caddesi (Street), the main pedestrian street in Istanbul, characterised by the old tram back and forth between Taksim Square and Tunel.

[UPDATE] On March 19th 2016, Istiklal Caddesi has been shocked by a terrorist attack, which has killed five people – including a suicide bomber – and wounded 36. For those who have walked at least once time along this street, loving its shops and its 24/7 life, it’s difficult to forget the incredible energy that it transmits. But now that this iconic place has been bloodily raped, I want to use this image taken some years ago to remind everyone – especially terrorists – that this is Istanbul, and their bombs will never stop this city. Never!

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