Fishermen’s Boats in Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc

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Fishermen’s Boats in Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc (Vietnam). I remember Phu Quoc island as an “interesting mix” of wonderful places alternated to terrible spots: the island itself is beautiful and very well positioned – just in front of Cambodia. However,there are some parts that are going to be heavily compromised by new huge touristic resorts, and this is really sad to be admitted.

I was there some weeks ago, and I wanted to explore the island; therefore I headed to north to see the beach of Ganh Dau. This beach is also an important harbor for fishermen, which leave here their boats before going for fishing close to Cambodia. The atmosphere at Ganh Dau is nice, calm, and relaxed – I took this photograph to give exactly the impression I’m saying, and I used a wide angle lens to capture as much as possible of what was in front of my eyes. However, as said, resorts are really growing like mushrooms here around, and they are creating some serious threats to the island’s natural equilibrium. One of the largest resort on the island, the Vinpearl Resort, is very few kilometers from here, and it’s a brand new huge real estate development hosting a golf club, an amusement park, pools and other attractions.

The contrast between the Ganh Dau beach and the close Vinpearl resort is quite symbolic of Phu Quoc today: I really hope that this massive anthropization will not compromise the perfect atmosphere of this island, transforming this photograph as a pure and simple postcard from my memories.

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