At the Parc du Palais Royal in Paris

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At the Parc du Palais Royal in Paris

Paris (France). When spring comes, people leave their homes and populate parks and gardens. This happens more or less everywhere in the world (at least, in those places with a certain difference between seasons), and I think this is something that goes far beyond the simple need of sun and fresh air. There’s a sense of “sharing a common place” in it, something that brings people closer, reducing their distances and – at my eyes – creating a better environment. This photo has been taken in Paris, at the Parc du Palais Royal, but it could easily be a park in London, Milan or New York. This old woman was so concentrated on her book, that she even did not notice me (and my camera). And I think that this photo, without her reading a book on the bench, wouldn’t have been the same.

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