The Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris

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The Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris

Paris (France). There’s a very nice and characteristic place close to Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. We can even say that although it’s in the heart of one of the most touristic and crowded part of the city, it’s a sort of “hidden gem”. Im talking about a very old bookstore where you can go, read, stay, relax, seat and even sleep! It’s name is “Shakespeare and Company Bookstore”. For those who do not know the story, a first Shakespeare and Company Bookstore opened in Paris in 1919, but it was closed during the German occupation. However, a second one was opened in 1951 near the cathedral of Notre Dame, and it’s still  there.

There are so many stories about this place! I recommend to read about Shakespeare and Company on the web before visiting it. You will discovery that it was also the spot of several movies, for example. Today – as said – it is a bookstore (mainly of 2nd hand english books) and a place where you can stay “far from the madding crowd”.

P.S. Unfortunately, it’s forbidden taking photos inside this place. I stole this image because I could not resist… Don’t blame me: “Photographing Around Me” means literally photographing what I find interesting when I’m somewhere, even at my own risk!

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