Arnavutkoy Iskelesi (Arnavutkoy Pier)

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Arnavutkoy Iskelesi (Arnavutkoy Pier)

Istanbul (Turkey). Arnavutkoy is a nice district of Istanbul, with many fish restaurants and typical old wooden houses. I was here tonight for dinner, and my eyes were captured by this scene. I do not know why: I think I have seen the same situation hundreds of times. But sometimes even usual things look different, maybe something inside ourselves change the perception of images. So, before dinner, I decided to capture the traditional ferry – which brings people up and down the Bosphorus – resting before another hectic day, as a sort of warrior before his fight (I don’t know why, but this is exactly the feeling I had photographing this old “vapur” at the Arnavutkoy Iskelesi).

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