Palazzo Dal Verme in Milan

by Bernardo Ricci Armani May 19, 2015 1 comment
Palazzo Dal Verme in Milan

Milan (Italy). Imagine a coffee break: you decide to walk to a usual place few meters from your office, and you pass in front a building that every time captures your attention. But this time – don’t know why – you decide to follow your instinct and to enter. And suddenly, you find yourself in one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Milan! Isn’t it magic? For me it is.

Palazzo Dal Verme in Milan was built at the end of the XIV century, and its marvellous courtyard still keeps the original architecture and paintings. I was lucky that nobody was there, so I could take this photograph undisturbed. When the guardian arrived, he told me that photographing was forbidden. I’m sorry sir, you came too late…

I had my coffee apparently as a normal break. But my eyes were still full of this hidden place’s beauty, and the coffee was not the same anymore.

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Betty May 19, 2015 - 11:46 pm

Un vero gioiello nella cittá


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