The Lavender of Piazza Cadorna

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The Lavender of Piazza Cadorna

Milan (Italy). I took this photo today, during lunch time. I was inspired by a woman that I crossed on my way back to the office. She was most probably a tourist, and I noticed her taking a lavender’s flower and smelling it. From her face, I could clearly get her enjoyment. If you know Milan – and specifically Piazza Cadorna, a very crowded hub for commuters, with lot of traffic – you can probably get the sense of contrast given by this scene, and more specifically generated by the way that woman was enjoying the situation, and the general context in which she was doing it.

Therefore, I thought it was a nice idea trying to extrapolate myself from that place, and recreate a sense of enjoyment through my camera. The key element of course was the lavender’s flowers, which became the main subject of my composition. Behind them, a bit blurred, three symbols of Piazza Cadorna: the TreNord train station, the ATM tram (I had to wait for some minutes) and the “needle and thread” (Ago & Filo), a famous monument in the middle of the square designed by by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen.

This is the final result: I don’t know if it gives the sense of enjoyment that I was trying to recreate, but for sure it was a nice challenge that made my lunch break definitely more pleasant and “creative”!

I want to add a very special thanks to my friend (and colleague) Irene Salerno for her kind support in taking this photo: she has been the one that informed me when the tram was arriving, and without her help I would have inesorably missed it! 

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