The Spinning Staircase at Grand Hyatt Hotel Shanghai

by Bernardo Ricci Armani June 30, 2015 1 comment
The Spinning Staircase at Grand Hyatt Hotel Shanghai

Shanghai (China). Discovering and photographing geometries around me is always very stimulating and exciting. For this reason I love shooting architectures, especially contemporary ones.

I photographed this place some years ago: I would have liked to challenge my readers asking them to tell me what they thought it could be; but unless someone has already been here, it’s very difficult to guess. No, it’s not an illuminated tunnel: this is the lobby of a famous (one of the most famous, to be honest) hotel in Shanghai, the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the Jin Mao Tower. The impressive sequence of floors, with a strong yellow light and the sequence of small terraces, takes the observers’ attention and inexorably brings them to the top of the very high ceiling, somehow like a virtual twist.

If you are in Shanghai, I recommend a visit to this place – it’s really unique! and to capture it with the camera, including as much as possible of this incredible place in your photo, try a very wide lens (I used a fish-eye, for your information).

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