Red Full Moon Rising on the Gulf of Naples

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Red Full Moon Rising on the Gulf of Naples

Naples (Italy). Usually I never post similar photos in this blog, or – at least – I never do it in a short time period. But this landscape of Naples, taken few hours after the previous one, left me literally breathless and I thought it was deserving an exception.

Let me try to describe the context… I was attending a special pre-wedding party at my hotel’s rooftop, and I can easily say that it was already a “perfect night”. Imagine: one of those nights with perfect people, perfect atmosphere, perfect food & drinks; one of those nights when you ask yourself: “what else? what can I desire more than what I’m living right now?”. Then – by chance – you turn back and … “Oh my God!!” There was a full moon just rising on the Gulf of Naples: it was big, perfectly circular and red. And it was illuminating the entire cost with its gentle warm light.

I could not resist: I had my small and powerful Ricoh GR with me (as usual) so I placed it on the fence and I took this long-exposure photograph, trying to balance the different lights’ intensities. This is the final result, and watching this photograph is a little bit like living that night again: that un-for-get ta-ble perfect night with a red full moon rising on the Gulf of Naples.

(Isn’t it one of the great features of travel photography?)

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