Crossing the Euphrates River

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Crossing the Euphrates River

Erzincan (Turkey). I’m just back from a business trip in the central-east part of Turkey. I had the privilege of driving for several kilometers along an off-road track adjacent the Euphrates river. During an adventurous cross I took the photo of this interesting bridge, but I’m not sure it is able to transmit the same emotions I had.

At lunch time, with the whole team I had a break; we ate lamb, rice and some vegetables very close to the river, and I must admit that I was hypnotized by the Euphrates. When I was watching its water flowing fast and fierce in front of me, I was thinking about how legendary can be a river. The Euphrates – together with the Tigris – was shaping the Fertile Crescent and it gave the input to the development of some of the earliest human civilizations. For many centuries, the history was gravitating around this region and along the Euphrates, and its role was much beyond the one of a common river. Even the Holy Bible mentions the Euphrates as one of the four rivers coming from the Eden garden.

Today, the Euphrates flows from Turkey to some important cities in Syria and Iraq: unfortunately, most of them are not safe places to be visited for the well known recent events related to ISIS (or ISIL or DAESH) but one of my thoughts, before proceeding with my business trip after lunch, was that I dream – one day – to extend my tour along the Euphrates and discover those places where – we can imagine – all of us have their origins.

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