Believer at Saint Germain des Pres Church in Paris

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Believer at Saint Germain des Pres Church in Paris

Paris (France). A couple of days ago, I posted a photograph which was “conceptually” similar to this one: it was portraying some women in the praying room at the Eyup Sultan Mosque in Istanbul (clicking here you can open it in a new window). And when I was watching this photograph here – a woman praying at the Saint Germain des Pres Church in Paris – I instinctively imagined a comparison to the one taken in Istanbul. This thing originated the following consideration…

Comparing a Church and a Mosque does not make sense at all, since they are completely different for many aspect including for example their architecture, organization, behaviors, decorations and – last but not least – attending people. But, I think, comparing their mysticism indeed does make sense. Well, I’m not here to discuss and compare if Churches are more mystic than Mosques or vice versa, of course: it would be quite stupid and limited. What I’m simply saying is that when I visit a Church or a Mosque, the first thing I try to perceive and to understand – as a possible “common point” – is the sense of vicinity that believers can feel praying their god – whatever is the name.

Ironically, mysticism is probably the only aspect you cannot openly photograph – in a Church as in a Mosque – unless (and it is not always the case) you try to include believers in the composition. And this is what I try to do! For this reason I find fascinating, albeit challenging, photographing the interiors of places of worship: because through them, and their intimate moment of pray, I try to express the mysticism of the place where I am.


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