Interior Design

by Bernardo Ricci Armani August 22, 2015 2 comments
Interior Design

Erzincan (Turkey). Many days ago I found myself in the middle of nowhere a bit far from Erzincan, along the Euphrates river, for business. Driving off-road along a narrow and tortuous track, my attention was captured by an abandoned house, which had probably been transformed by local people in something else. I asked the driver to leave me there, while the rest of the team was proceeding for some kilometers before coming back and pick me up. I was a bit shocked by graffitis of guns, and probably I had been crazy because nobody knew about my presence there and I could had been easily kidnapped. The area was not safe at all, and I knew it, but – still – I wanted to stay there and capturing this photograph.

I titled it “Interior Design” since I was mostly concentrated on the wall’s graffitis and writings.

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Manuela August 23, 2015 - 4:50 pm

Non si capisce molto la foto ma si percepisce un grande squallore e tanto pericoolo. Sei stato pazzo a rischiare così

Bernardo August 24, 2015 - 7:54 am

Probabilmente si, ho rischiato a fare questa foto. Ma era un soggetto che – proprio nel suo squallore – mi intrigava particolarmente. Ne sono stato attirato da subito, ed è andata bene…


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