A Nice Walk on the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul

by Bernardo Ricci Armani November 10, 2015 3 comments
A Nice Walk on the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul

Istanbul (Turkey). This happens only once per year: it’s an unique event, and Istanbul lovers shouldn’t miss it. Of course I’m talking about the Vodafone Istanbul Marathon!

No, do not misunderstand me: I’m not proposing to run the 42+ km of a full marathon, neither to take the shorter 15 km run. What I’m talking about is to experience the fantastic opportunity of walking along the Bosphorus Bridge, which is normally jammed by cars and trucks, but one time per year is fully dedicated to runners, walkers and families.

Indeed, what for me is a very nice scene to be seen, is how much families and people truly love their bridge, which in this occasion is not simply an “infrastructure”, but becomes something more like a “legendary part of the city” (although it’s not so historical as monuments in Sultanahmet). During the marathon day, after runners’ start, people gather on the bridge to walk, discuss, protest, have breakfast (traditions matter!), play backgammon (tavla), sell simit with ayran and – of course – to take unique photos. In other words, the bridge – which normally connects the two sides of Istanbul, Europe and Asia – in this special day keeps its function of connecting “people” from different political parties, social extraction, cities of Turkey, football teams (yes, normally they fight like cats and dogs, but on the bridge they become friends) and so on. A sort of “occupy the bridge” day: isn’t it fantastic?

This here is one of the many photos I took last year during the 2014 Vodafone Istanbul Marathon (I created a specific tag): just click on the link to see the others; but if it happens you are in Istanbul the marathon day (this year it will be on the 15th of November) do not miss this great opportunity of experiencing something of unique.

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Dasha November 10, 2015 - 8:30 pm

That really sucks they dont let to come close to border. I wanted to join this just cuz of womderful view and photos. But I couldnt cuz of this sunday i fly away. But I see I dont have to suffer..

Bernardo November 11, 2015 - 9:47 am

Dasha, they do not let people go close to the edge of the bridge because it’s frequently used by people to suicide. It’s sad but true. But you can get a nice view a bit close (you only need to the policeman to move a bit). What do you mean with “fly away”?

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