The Giants and the Girl (Casa degli Omenoni)

by Bernardo Ricci Armani November 10, 2015 4 comments
The Giants and the Girl (Casa degli Omenoni)

Milan (Italy). It’s all about motivation. What? Everything.

Yes, everything. Everything is about motivation: our whole life – without a reasonable dose of motivation – will be empty, grey, dark, senseless. Why I’m writing this? Because in the past days I’m so overloaded with things to do with my job, that my mind is totally distracted by things to do and I essentially lost my motivation for photography!

And it’s quite weird, especially because normally photography is my discharge valve for when I’m under pressure: what’s happening then? I don’t know, this time seems different. When I fly, commuting back and forth to Paris, I love reading books, especially about street photography, and I imagine myself with my Leica shooting around in incredibly stimulating environments. But it’s just imagining… The reality seems different in these days.

What I know, is that in such situations I’m extremely happy that photography is not my work. It’s already frustrating walking around me with the camera in my hand but without seeing nothing capturing my attention; I can’t imagine how it could be if I should send my shots to an agency or a customer… terrible!

Anyhow… Last Sunday, after a very tough week, I decided to take a walk around Milan. The weather was fantastic and the city during the weekend is incredibly crowded (I thought that after Expo it the situation would have been more calm, but I was definitely wrong). In such situations it’s nice walking and photographing around me, but as said my eyes were frozen and I could not see anything. The only “inspiring” moment was when I notices this little girl being observed by these huge men on the facade of “Casa degli Omenoni”, a famous palace just behind Piazza della Scala. If you want to know more about this place, this is the wikipedia page.

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Dasha November 10, 2015 - 4:33 pm

Even one inspiring moment is already very much!

Bernardo November 10, 2015 - 4:37 pm

Yes, you are right. But sometimes these inspiring moments are so difficult to be found…

Betty November 11, 2015 - 7:46 am

Bravissimo Bernardo, sai cogliere ogni aspetto fotografico, anche ciò che a prima vista molti non notano
Bellissima e impressionante la facciata del palazzo e l’inquetudine che risalta tra le sculture e la “fragile” ragazza che le osserva
I giganti e la bambina

Bernardo November 11, 2015 - 9:45 am

Grazie Betty, è quello che cerco di fare… In realtà ho aspettato un bel po’ per avere un momento significativo: la strada non è molto trafficata e poche persone passano sotto queste immense statue. Magari ci riproverò presto :)


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