Photographing Around Me

/ Photos by Bernardo Ricci Armani /
At the Cathedral of the Annunciation


  1. dasha

    Looking at ur MSC photos with a special interest. Sure. Cuz i miss her (Moscow is female). Cuz i know every breath of her, every wrinkle… and cüz it’s so interesting to see her by other eyes. Especially I enjoy reading ur comments.
    Ü know, there was such Russian poet and singer, very famous one. Still he is so popular, but… how can I say?. He is so unusual and honest. Anyway he has a song with a words: Russian churches are covered by gold to be more markable for god.
    I guess u could get me. U could get this phrase. Cuz all Russian soul is hidden in it.
    Thank u for photos!
    Looking for more and more!

    • Bernardo

      Thanks for your comments Dasha! Although my trip to Moscow was very short and a bit hectic, I have many other photos. I tried to cover all the “first-impression” sides of the city (you will see and understand what I mean) but I’m sure that there’s a second layer of Moscow – and maybe a third, and a forth – which is more hidden, and disclosure itself after longer time, when you stop simply watching the city to start “living” and “feeling” it. I had the impression that, in this respect, Moscow is not so different from Istanbul: great “postcards” at the beginning, more and more deep feelings and photos after a while. You know both the cities and you are a photographer, so you are the only one that can confirm it or not. Do you want to take this responsibility? :-)

  2. Betty

    Bella foto e da quello che riesco a leggere in inglese l’hai fatta collegandoti con l’IPhone
    Interessante!!! Quando ci rivediamo spero tu mi possa spiegare la tecnica e l’uso che ne fai

    • Bernardo

      Esatto, brava! Ho collegato la macchina fotografica all’iPhone, e tenendo la macchina bassa ho scattato usando il telefono come display (avendo accesso a tutte le funzioni necessarie). Una goduria assoluta!


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