At the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Moscow

by Bernardo Ricci Armani November 24, 2015 4 comments
At the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Moscow

Moscow (Russia). Now that I created the new tag “Moscow”, I should feed it with more and more posts from my recent short-but-intense weekend there. Here there is a photo literally “captured” inside the Cathedral of the Annunciation, a wonderful Orthodox Church located inside the Kremlin and characterized by stunning but elegant paintings on the walls and on the ceiling.

To take this image I used the iPhone app for Leica Q – which works perfectly – so after connecting the camera with the phone, I was able to remotely control it, finding all the camera settings and adjustments directly in the phone’s screen. I think this is a great feature for street photographers (both authentic ones and wannabes like me) because it gives complete freedom to shot in some restricted environments, as well as to get closer to people without being noticed or without pointing the camera at their face. Considering that in these days people do not like being photographed – and some overreact – this feature and this app may save my life…

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dasha November 24, 2015 - 11:08 pm

Looking at ur MSC photos with a special interest. Sure. Cuz i miss her (Moscow is female). Cuz i know every breath of her, every wrinkle… and cüz it’s so interesting to see her by other eyes. Especially I enjoy reading ur comments.
Ü know, there was such Russian poet and singer, very famous one. Still he is so popular, but… how can I say?. He is so unusual and honest. Anyway he has a song with a words: Russian churches are covered by gold to be more markable for god.
I guess u could get me. U could get this phrase. Cuz all Russian soul is hidden in it.
Thank u for photos!
Looking for more and more!

Bernardo November 25, 2015 - 5:40 pm

Thanks for your comments Dasha! Although my trip to Moscow was very short and a bit hectic, I have many other photos. I tried to cover all the “first-impression” sides of the city (you will see and understand what I mean) but I’m sure that there’s a second layer of Moscow – and maybe a third, and a forth – which is more hidden, and disclosure itself after longer time, when you stop simply watching the city to start “living” and “feeling” it. I had the impression that, in this respect, Moscow is not so different from Istanbul: great “postcards” at the beginning, more and more deep feelings and photos after a while. You know both the cities and you are a photographer, so you are the only one that can confirm it or not. Do you want to take this responsibility? :-)

Betty November 25, 2015 - 7:53 am

Bella foto e da quello che riesco a leggere in inglese l’hai fatta collegandoti con l’IPhone
Interessante!!! Quando ci rivediamo spero tu mi possa spiegare la tecnica e l’uso che ne fai

Bernardo November 25, 2015 - 5:42 pm

Esatto, brava! Ho collegato la macchina fotografica all’iPhone, e tenendo la macchina bassa ho scattato usando il telefono come display (avendo accesso a tutte le funzioni necessarie). Una goduria assoluta!


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