Photographing Around Me

/ Photos by Bernardo Ricci Armani /
At The Metro Station


  1. Dasha

    I see u like such simmetrical shots ))
    But u are so so right talking about metro atmosphere. Its really another world. Underground world.
    We especially love meeting there. There are station where never meet!!! Ever ever! Cuz everybody meet there. Its to crouded. Or you sould have ur own special meeting points.
    Did u make a wish on station Ploshad Revolutsii? U had to touch dog there and make a wish ))
    Yeah. People meet there, waiting for each other, walking, reading. running… I kissed for a first time in metro ))) I remember even bank where it happened )))) We have books about metro, movies also, scary legends…
    Generally we dont pay attention to those beauty and its normal. But I love just one thing especially – its not small stations, not low ceiling so I dont feel uncomfortable. Metro there is like everything in Russia – so huge… (I’ve been in many ohter metro like Prague, Rome, Paris… As u said it was just transport. Last metro i have seen was in Stockholm. They say its wonderfull. Really??? )
    So im looking for next “rus|” photos!


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