At The Moscow Metro Station

by Bernardo Ricci Armani 2 comments
At The Moscow Metro Station

Moscow (Russia). One of the Moscow “must see” is the network of its amazing metro stations. One normally thinks about a metro station simply as a transit place, where to catch or to get off from a train to move from a part of the city to another. Well, in Moscow it’s not exactly like this – at least, not only…

In fact, some metro stations in Moscow look like sumptuous underground buildings, completely decorated with mosaics, statues, chandeliers and frescoes. Once there, you are really motivated to stay and to enjoy the beauty of architectures and decorations. And of course every photographer should include these places for very intensive street photography sessions!

Before travelling to Moscow, as I usually do every time I’m preparing a trip, I spent some time on internet to learn something about the city and to select the best locations for photography. It’s a very exciting exercise, which somehow anticipates the flavor of the incoming trip; but it’s also very useful to optimize the available time – especially when the trip is squeezed in a weekend – as it was my case in Moscow. Of course, the result of my research anticipated me that most of the top ranking places were the metro stations; but when I then opened the proposed images, almost each of them was showing the stations completely without people, and exclusively focused on the artistic, decorative and architectural part. Therefore my “pre-impression” on Moscow metro stations was basically about wonderful locations, but – let me say – without soul, without stories, without daily lives: something closer to a theater scenic design than to a place where every day millions of people cross their life and stories.

Once there, I totally changed my mind: the most impressive thing was given by the mass of people, some of them walking in every direction, some others waiting on a bench. There was a world there underground, and I was so attracted by its inhabitants with their unknown stories, habits, lives. You could think that it’s the same in every metro station in the world: theoretically it’s true, but practically it isn’t. The context, given by the fantastic interiors, was somehow able to transform those de-facto public place into a theater, people into actors, lives into plots. It’s difficult to explain, unfortunately.

Of course, I could not resist too, and in every station I took also some “panoramic” photos; but at the end I selected this one here as one of my favorite, because it is able to give me the sense of life typical of those places. The lesson learnt is pretty clear…


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Dasha November 27, 2015 - 8:58 pm

I see u like such simmetrical shots ))
But u are so so right talking about metro atmosphere. Its really another world. Underground world.
We especially love meeting there. There are station where never meet!!! Ever ever! Cuz everybody meet there. Its to crouded. Or you sould have ur own special meeting points.
Did u make a wish on station Ploshad Revolutsii? U had to touch dog there and make a wish ))
Yeah. People meet there, waiting for each other, walking, reading. running… I kissed for a first time in metro ))) I remember even bank where it happened )))) We have books about metro, movies also, scary legends…
Generally we dont pay attention to those beauty and its normal. But I love just one thing especially – its not small stations, not low ceiling so I dont feel uncomfortable. Metro there is like everything in Russia – so huge… (I’ve been in many ohter metro like Prague, Rome, Paris… As u said it was just transport. Last metro i have seen was in Stockholm. They say its wonderfull. Really??? )
So im looking for next “rus|” photos!

Betty November 28, 2015 - 11:00 am

Bella foto, interessante è un pò triste insieme e tu molto esaustivo nel descriverla e descrivere le tue sensazioni


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