Photographing Around Me

/ Photos by Bernardo Ricci Armani /
Dinner at the White Rabbit in Moscow


  1. dasha

    OMG. Same story with me every time. Especially in Turkey. İn such a conservative city Diyarbakır (but sure so interesting about people, life, tradition) I was doing photos on Pazar. So one man came to me and in really agresif way asked to show what I did. Thanks my husband, he was near and saved me and my cam with ‘big expensive professional’ cam.
    Anyway. Cool pic! İ wanna small cam too…

    • Bernardo

      Dasha, next time try with something small (but powerful). I’m having great feelings with the Ricoh GR and the Leica Q. The first one is less expensive but still performing magnificently, something for street photographers (and there are many enthusiasts, trust them more than me)


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