Photographing Around Me

/ Photos by Bernardo Ricci Armani /
Watching the Moskva River


  1. Dasha

    Ah such a lovely words….. I’m so sorry u’ve been there just two days. Come the next summer at least for three days. I’ll show u much more magic!

  2. Michael Watt

    So many travellers seem content just to take a selfie juxtaposition with some iconic subject. But I like your thoughts that imply that to travel is to also appreciate the culture and history and if possible see things from a different perspective. Your perspective is unique: thank you for sharing with words and photos. I hope you get more opportunity to travel Bernardo. It’s nice to see the world through your eyes.

    • Bernardo

      Thank you very much Michael: your words made my day and give a huge sense to what I try to do with this blog, travelling and sharing my photos with those who want to “come with me”. I consider myself a very lucky person because I have the opportunity to travel: my job brings me to take a plane quite frequently, and when it’s not for business, it’s for leisure. And photography is an appendix of each of my travels. Sharing them and adding my thoughts is a bit “beyond”, but when I read words such yours I understand that this is the way I like to intend photography. Thanks again, you are always welcome here!


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