John Armleder for La Rinascente

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John Armleder for La Rinascente

Milan (Italy). Since my previous post apparently created a sense of discomfort related to what typically happens around Christmas (at least here in Italy, and more specifically in Milan), I think it’s a good idea to recreate the right spirit associated to this important day.

Cities have been preparing for Christmas since the end of November, with their lights and decorations. Milan – of course – couldn’t be different from all the others (including Florence, photographed some days ago) and the popular shopping mall’s brand “La Rinascente” this year hired John Armleder to perform an exclusive art installation inside its shopping windows.

I liked the idea of dedicating shopping windows to contemporary art: I think somehow it changes the perception of “being just a consumer”, and makes people feel a bit less “no-brained” then they are (me included), when they realize they are in the middle of the maddest crowd, running up and down the stories looking for the perfect(ly wrong) gift.

I took this photo on Saturday (although it was not “just a common Saturday”, it was a real “Panic Saturday”) and at the end I enjoyed a lot this uncommon day. I thought to capture an image with people crossing in front of my lens, simply because a shopping window is a shopping window if there are people…

The conclusion is the same: only art and beauty (and photography) can save our souls…

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