Via delle Bombarde, Florence

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Via delle Bombarde, Florence

Florence (Italy). It’s not easy walking around Florence without being captured by its uncountable number of beautiful things. Churches, facades, museums, landscapes … everything enchants not only its visitors, but also its residents (me included, although I’m not a resident anymore).

For this reason, I really enjoy walking around Florence and photographing something different from the usual “postcards”, and I confess that I find great sources of inspiration in the many narrow alleys, which probably have been looking the same since the Medieval Age.

Via delle Bombarde, the narrow street photographed here, goes from Borgo Santi Apostoli to Via delle Terme – few meters from the Arno River, more or less framed between Ponte Vecchio and Ponte Santa Trinita. Today it’s a picturesque abandoned passage, but if I imagine this street many years ago, during the Medieval Age, I should complete the picture including several prostitutes in the frame. Oh yes, Via delle Bombarde – unfortunately the name is impossible to be translated – was one of the streets of prostitution in Florence (and it was not the only one in town!) and still today, the word “bombardino” is a synonymous of “protettore” (the italian word for “pimp”, although it’s local slang).

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Betty December 29, 2015 - 11:31 pm

Questa foto é veramente sorprendente, sembra che non ci sia niente e invece é piena di storia e vita
E di strade cosí Firenze ne é piena


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