This Lady Did Not Like Me (Taking Her Photo at f/1.7)

by Bernardo Ricci Armani January 29, 2016 2 comments
This Lady Did Not Like Me (Taking Her Photo at f/1.7)

Udine (Italy). I like this kind of situation, and for this reason, I do love my 28 mm summilux, which gives me the freedom of photographing around me (these last three words sound familiar) without caring too much about what people could think.

This is the story behind this photo: everything happened some days ago, when I was having a walk around Udine. It was already dark when I stopped in Piazza San Giacomo – it’s such a lovely place, one of the most popular destinations in town, with very nice cafes and crowded with people that choose this square to meet their friends and chat. The street surrounding the square is all covered with small stones – as many other streets in the old part of Udine – and I liked the effect they can make if I take a photo few centimeters from the ground, focusing half meter from my camera and making all the rest – including people – blurred and out of focus. So I did, shooting more or less 5 or 6 photos, with and without people.

Initially the purpose was photographing the square, therefore my idea was discarding those images with people that were passing in front of my camera and keeping the other(s). But when I downloaded all the photos to start editing them, I was particularly attracted by this one posted here, with the lady dressed with a big fur watching me. Since she’s out of focus, I started imagining what she could think about me: is she looking at me in an intimidating way? Is she simply curious? Does she think I’m crazy? I will never know the answer… (unless she recognizes herself on my blog). 

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James January 2, 2017 - 6:52 pm

Beautiful work. I like that you have you have your own website.

Bernardo Ricci Armani January 2, 2017 - 7:09 pm

Thanks James!


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