Entre-temps à La Défense… (In the meantime at La Défense…)

by Bernardo Ricci Armani March 19, 2016 1 comment
Entre-temps à La Défense… (In the meantime at La Défense…)

Paris (France). This photograph represents the typical “merge” between my work and my biggest passion! The first one makes me travel very frequently, whereas the second one makes me bring my Leica Q always with me.

The last week I was once again in Paris, at La Défense (technically, La Défense is not Paris, since it’s located in the so called “banlieu”, the Paris Metropolitan Area, and is shared among different municipalities; however, there’s a total urban continuity between Paris and La Défense). With my office at the 38th floor of the very tall EDF Tower, it’s pretty easy to be distracted by the landscape outside my window, and I love sometimes stopping to work and moving my eyes far from the laptop screen.

This image posted here is the landscape I captured some days ago, at sunset. It was late afternoon and the sun was against me: I liked the effect it was giving to this landscape, with the intense blue and orange sky, and with thick clouds filtering the sun rays. I took my Leica from my bag and I made some photos through the window’s glass (luckily, it was clean!).

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