The Duomo Square of Milano in Chiaroscuro

by Bernardo Ricci Armani May 5, 2016 1 comment
The Duomo Square of Milano in Chiaroscuro

Milan (Italy). Since “photography” means literally “writing with light”, shooting photos when the air is incredibly clean – such as after a rainstorm – it is like writing with the purest and most brilliant ink or painting with the most prestigious temperas!

Days ago I visited the Museo del Novecento (I already wrote a post about that day), and just before leaving the building – more or less it was the beginning of the so called “golden hour” – I dedicated some more minutes to enjoy the fantastic view of the Duomo (Cathedral) with its facade painted by a warm sun and with the churchyard completely shadowed. I found this contrast very interesting and inspiring, especially because it was perfectly marking the landscape’s shapes, enhancing the beauty of the Cathedral’s facade with its details and architectures.

Around one year ago I wrote a post on a “chiaroscuro” glimpse of Venice (another place where the light can be really magic sometimes): perhaps I should consider this type of situation more frequently, and to support this resolution I create the “chiaroscuro” tag for writing more posts…

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