Erode (Heroes of the Chennai Central Railway Station)

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Erode (Heroes of the Chennai Central Railway Station)

Chennai (India). Let’s step back to 2012! Photography is a sort of time machine for me, and surfing through my archive is an incredible source of memories…

Some 4 years ago I was in Chennai, a large Indian city on the east coast of the country (the name of the region is Tamil Nadu, to be more precise). It was Sunday morning, I had just finished an intense week of studies (I was in Chennai because at that time I was attending an executive MBA, which was including modules from different cities around the world) and my flight was scheduled for that night. So, I was completely free for some hours: what a fantastic opportunity for taking some photos!

I immediately started thinking about a possible destination for an interesting shooting, and – damn! – there wasn’t any better place than the train station! When I asked to my tuk-tuk rider to bring me to the Chennai Central Railway Station, he was a bit surprised of the fact that I was travelling without any luggage (only my camera backpack) and I guess he did not understand my intentions. After I paid him, he showed me the main entrance smiling at my excitement. In few minutes, I was in the station’s main hall, consulting the train table to choose the most “inspiring” platform for my photo-shooting session.

My straightforward decision was for the most crowded platform, where there wasn’t the train yet: I supposed people were waiting for boarding, and I was right. When “Erode” (this is the name of the train, I guess from the namesake Indian city 400 km south-west of Chennai) arrived, people started pushing each others to board, in a very disordered but nice situation.

I took this picture in that exact moment…

Interestingly, the name “Erode” comes from Greek, and it means “descending from heroes”: to be honest, I think that the true heroes here are those travelers who are boarding on what apparently will be a very crowded train!

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