Luis I Bridge in Porto

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Luis I Bridge in Porto

Porto (Portugal). Few days after my post on the Arab Room at Palácio da Bolsa, I’m happy to share another photo taken in Porto: it’s one of the city’s symbols, the marvelous bridge “Luis I” (or, in Portuguese, “Ponte Dom Luís I”), which crosses the Douro river with its 172 meters and two decks (the upper one for the light metro train, and the lower one for cars), connecting Riberira with Jardim do Morro and the Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar.

Perhaps it’s because I’m (still) a civil engineer, but I’m always fascinated by bridges. They perfectly combine elegance and functionality, easily becoming not only part of the landscape (I can think about Istanbul, for example) but also a city landmark: Ponte Vecchio in Florence is jut one of many examples; or the Millennium Bridge in London, to mention something of contemporary.

But probably one of my favorite bridge ever is this one crossing the Euphrates river: not so “architecturally” charming, but for sure very exciting to be crossed…

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