An Eye on the Gulf of Naples at Sunset

by Bernardo Ricci Armani June 1, 2016 1 comment
An Eye on the Gulf of Naples at Sunset

Naples (Italy). Just few words to “refresh” the homepage. I’m on my way to Naples for a long-weekend-short-holiday. I’m not sure I will have again the privilege of shooting from such an unique and prestigious terrace (I’m referring to the posted photo), but for sure I will do my best – together with my camera – to capture the indisputable beauty of this city…

Naples is a very inspiring place, and every photographer can find his or her personal source of inspiration there: from amazing landscapes, to people on the streets – not forgetting an incredible artistic heritage – photographing around Naples (together with its gulf) has so much to offer, that few days can’t be enough. For several reasons, Naples gives me the same vibrations of Istanbul; I think that these two cities are very similar, not only for the crazy traffic (!) – I will try to use the next days to better understand why these two cities, for me, have so many common aspects: it could be an interesting theme for one of my next posts…

Greetings from Naples!

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