The Majolica Cloister at Santa Chiara Monastery

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The Majolica Cloister at Santa Chiara Monastery

Naples (Italy). I like to consider this angle when I take photos of cloisters (here’s another one – pretty similar – from Portugal), although in this case I should have included in my photo not only the wonderful painted wall on the right, but also the majolica decorating the wall at the left side of the corridor.

The name of this wonderful place is “the Majolica Cloister at Santa Chiara Monastery”. It is located in the hearth of Naples and dates back to 1739. Walking around this cloister is a true experience: not only for its beauty, but also for the calm and quiet atmosphere, which contrasts with the chaotic and teeming neighborhood: the entire complex – the Church and the Monastery – is located along the famous “Spaccanapoli”, the straight, long and narrow main street that traverses the old, historic city center, one of the three Greek-Roman “decumani” (east-west streets) when the city name was “Neapolis”.

The cloister surrounds a wonderful garden, all decorated with majolica and with luxuriant olive and lemon trees.

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