Landscape of Capri at Sunset (Far From the Madding Crowd)

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Landscape of Capri at Sunset (Far From the Madding Crowd)

Island of Capri (Italy). I have very little time to write my thoughts unfortunately, as I’m overwhelmed by things to do… But I wanted to “shake” a bit my blog’s homepage sharing this photo taken few days ago during a short but fantastic weekend with some friends. I’m not sure this image is able to transmit the sense of peace, calm and tranquility that I was feeling watching this landscape – it would be a fantastic accomplishment!

It was at sunset: after a very hot day, a fresh breeze was blowing from the sea. Whereas the famous “Piazzetta” (a symbolic – albeit a bit overrated – place, where people meet each other to chat, drink an aperitif, or simply to “show off”) was crawling with vacationers and daily tourists, and I was enjoying the end of the day from a very exclusive observatory – a private terrace looking out the entire town. I was so totally seduced by this scene, that I had to force myself to take my Leica  and capture this photo! (poor me… ok, now I’m a bit exaggerating!).

I have a conflicting relationship with fashionable places such as Capri (just to mention the one where I was the last weekend). For some reasons I hate them: very honestly, all those people showing off, taking selfies and posting their face on social medias just to raise some “likes” are totally incomprehensible to me. But on the other side, I must admit that I love them: they offer great sources of inspiration for capturing photos, and – as it is in this case – having the possibility to escape from the mad crowd and to relax observing the landscape from an amazing terrace makes me feel a very lucky person.

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