Walking Toward New Architectures (Milano, Porta Nuova)

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Walking Toward New Architectures (Milano, Porta Nuova)

Milan (Italy). Taken last Saturday from Alvar Aalto square, a new place created with the requalification of the so called “Varesine” district. Sometimes I like coming here and shooting some photos around me. Not only because you can meet interesting people, everyone with a very personal style and doing different things: skaters, businessmen, hipsters (so many!), dancers, families, dog sitters and so on. But also because this mix of lifestyles is projected against the same background given by the new architectures of Porta Nuova, such as the UniCredit Tower (probably one of my most photographed landmark in Milan) but also the UniCredit pavilion, the Bosco Vericale (“Vertical Forest”), the Solaria Tower (at my back in this photo) and the less famous “E1-E2 building” (or “Porta Nuova buildign”, the one at the left).

I always find very inspiring contrasts here: every lifestyle has its own relationship with the urban environment, and each of them perfectly makes sense. The businessman perfectly fits with these architectures, and so does the hipster or the skater, as well as the dog sitter and the family. This means – to my eyes – “architectural versatility”: a great asset for a place, which has therefore the right characteristic for people integration.


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