The Bica Funicular (Ascensor da Bica) in Lisbon

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The Bica Funicular (Ascensor da Bica) in Lisbon

Lisbon (Portugal). A quick-and-dirty tip about Lisbon: I understand that probably the main city attraction – the one that everyone coming to Lisbon has been recommended to do – is a downtown tour with the tram n. 28, crossing all the main touristic sites of this wonderful capital, including a very special passage through the Alfama district. But for this reason, the hop- on and hop-off with the tram n. 28 can be a serious challenge, since many tourists share this recommendation and the coaches can be very overcrowded and hot.

So, consider to leave the 28 to locals and to “” short-sighted tourists, don’t be lazy and walk the city using your legs! It’s much better, you will always find a place where to sit down and relax for some minutes (contemplating the beauties of Lisbon), you will discover the city much better in a less conventional way and – last but not least – you won’t complain about your choice when you will see the tram passing close to you totally overloaded of people.

And if you want to shoot a picture highlighting the typical streetcar system with the challenging slopes of Lisbon’s districts (such as the Bairro Alto), the Bica Funicular (Ascensor da Bica) is probably what you are looking for!

All above considered, enjoy Lisbon!

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