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The “Tra Su” Mangrove Forest

Chau Doc (Vietnam). The Tra Su mangrove forest is a paradise on earth, and as such it’s very difficult to describe it using words or even with photographs… I had a tour around its narrow channels through intricate trees, using a small boat rowed by a woman. The forest is a paradise for birdwatchers, and what will impress you is over all its silence and quite, broken only by the click of my camera. It’s a unique experience, another amazing place of the amazing Vietnam.

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Milan (Italy). During the Fuorisalone 2015 – the “unplugged” side of the Salone del Mobile – I had the privilege to meet Philippe Nacson. Well, I met Philippe in 2012 in New York, but it was a completely different context. Philippe comes from the finance industry, but recently he decided to change his life becoming a successful designer. This is the official website of Philippe: here in this post I share some “unofficial” and friendly photos that I took in this occasion.

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Sunday Afternoon at Caffè Marchesi

Milan (Italy). This is a luxury place: for its products, for its position and – it must be told – for its prices. But I think it is worth taking a break at the cafè Pasticceria Marchesi, recently opened in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II by the fashion brand Prada – which has bought the brand of this historical pastry shop. Especially in winter, when it’s cold and a refreshing pause doesn’t hurt.

The story of this place began in 1824, when the Marchesi family opened a pastry shop inside an elegant eighteenth century building in Corso Magenta in Milan, where it continued its activity till the beginning of 900. Thereafter, Mr. Angelo Marchesi expanded his range of products creating an authentic cafe, with home made pastries, cocktails and the typical Milanese aperitif.

Recently, as anticipated here above, the fashion house Prada has bought the brand “Pasticceria Marchesi” and has opened two new locations (in addition to the historical one in Corso Magenta). One in Via Montenapoleone – indisputable the most fashion street in Milan; the other one in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, from whose windows I took other photo.

Recently, I learned that Prada is going to open in Milan downtown one of its Foundation subsidiary, which will be exclusively focused on photography. If true, it’s really a great news!

Milano. E’ un posto di lusso: nei prodotti, nella posizione, e – va detto – nei prezzi. Ma penso che una sosta al caffè Pasticceria Marchesi in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, da poco aperto dalla griffe di moda Prada che ha rilevato il marchio di questo storico negozio, valga la pena – specialmente d’inverno, quando fa freddo e una pausa ristoratrice non guasta.

La storia di questo caffè inizia nel 1824, quando all’interno di un elegante edificio settecentesco in Corso Magenta a Milano viene aperta una pasticceria che continuerà la sua attività di produzione dolciaria fino ai primi anni del Novecento. Successivamente, Angelo Marchesi amplia la sua gamma di prodotti e dà vita a un vero e proprio caffè che oltre a offire dolci di produzione propria, prepara cocktail per l’aperitivo milanese.

Da poco, come detto sopra, la casa di moda Prada ha comprato il marchio “Pasticceria Marchesi” e ha aperto due nuovi caffè in aggiunta alla location storica di Corso Magenta: uno in Via Montenapoleone – indiscussa strada della moda milanese; un altro in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, dalle cui finestre ho scattato quest’altra foto.

Recentemente ho letto che Prada aprirà in centro a Milano una succursale della sua Fondazione, dedicata esclusivamente alla fotografia. Se confermato, è proprio una bella notizia!


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