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Winter Morning at the Jardin du Luxembourg

Paris (France). A morning walk around the Jardin du Luxembourg during an amazing sunny winter day.

I love this garden, not only because it was realised thanks to Maria de’ Medici (granddaughter of Cosimo I and therefore member of the wealthy and powerful House of Medici, as well as Queen of France as the second wife of King Henry IV of France) but also because in her intentions, the idea was to replicate the Boboli Garden behind Palazzo Pitti in her native Florence.

In 1611 Maria de’ Medici purchased the Hotel du Luxembourg to build a palace inspired by the Pitti Palace. The following year after, 2,000 elm trees were planted and a series of gardeners, including the Florentine Tommaso Francini, were invited to build a park in the style she had known as a child in Florence.

In the following centuries, the garden went through several transformations, including the sale of one of its portions for real estate developments (Louis XVIII, 1780) and new expansions, such as the one during the French Revolution.

Today is definitely one of the nicest spots for a walk in Paris (much less crowded than the Tuileries) especially during a winter sunny morning in December.

Parigi. Passeggiata mattutina in giro per il Jardin du Luxembourg, in una splendida giornata di sole invernale.

Mi piace molto questo posto, non solo perchè fu realizzato grazie a Maria de’ Medici (nipote di Cosimo I e quindi membro della ricca e potente casata dei Medici, oltre che Regina di Francia in quanto seconda moglie di re Enrico IV) ma anche perché nelle sue intenzioni l’idea era quella di replicare il Giardino di Boboli dietro Palazzo Pitti nella sua natia città di Firenze.

Nel 1611 Maria de’ Medici comprò l’Hotel du Luxembourg per iniziare a costruire un palazzo simile a Palazzo Pitti. L’anno successivo, 2000 olmi furono piantati e una serie di giardinieri, tra i quali il fiorentino Tommaso Francini, fu invitata a costruire un parco nello stile che ricordava dalla sua infanzia trascorsa a Firenze.

Nei secoli successivi, il giardino andò incontro a diverse trasformazioni, inclusa la vendita di una sua parte per sviluppi immobiliari (Luigi XVIII nel 1780) e nuove espansioni, come quella avvenuta durante la Rivoluzione Francese.

Oggi è decisamente uno dei posti più piacevoli per una camminata a Parigi (molto meno affollato di Tuileries), specialmente durante una mattina invernale a Dicembre.

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Istanbul From Fener

Istanbul (Turkey). Some years ago – it was end of 2011 – I was walking around the districts of Fener and Balat, along the upper west side of the Golden Horn. It was an unexpected warm afternoon, considering it was December, and walking up and down around this very typical part of Istanbul was extremely pleasant. While I was descending from the old mosque of Mirimah Sultan to the sea, my attention was captured by this landscape, which I found perfectly representing the daily life of Istanbul. Even though light was decreasing rapidly, I could capture the image without any tripod or support, and I decided that this view of Istanbul from Fener was one of my favorite photographs ever…

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One More Photo From The Istanbul Marathon

Istanbul (Turkey). In these days I’m posting many photos about the Vodafone Istanbul Marathon (they are all collected under a common tag). The reason is simple: I have lived in Istanbul for many years, and the marathon is one of the best event for capturing very interesting photos; not only of the city – although the landscape from the Bosphorus Bridge is quite extraordinary – but also of people, which gather on the bridge to walk freely and enjoy an unusual Sunday morning.

And – as a photographer – I think that the best observatory point is exactly the mid of the bridge between the two traffic lanes. Well, I admit one reason is due to my addiction for symmetries. But it’s not only for that: I also love to see the human flow coming toward me and observe every single person, alone or in a group. In the behavior of them I try to understand their relationship with the city and, in a wider view, with the whole country. As I already wrote in one of my previous posts about the Istanbul Marathon, the bridge – which normally is a “transit place” to connect two continents – the day of the marathon becomes a gathering place, the place-to-be where people meet “to-be-there” and externalize their feelings, emotions, sentiments, passions and so on.

This Sunday morning Istanbul will meet on the Bosphorus Bridge (the first one). It would be a mistake not being there…

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Tour(s) Eiffel

Paris (France). One (of the many) vendors of miniaturized Tour Eiffel’s souvenir, on the Esplanade du Trocadero.

When I’m in Paris and I  have some time to spend, I like coming here: it’s full of tourists shooting photos in absurd positions – the most popular uses the perspective to show them keeping the top of the Tour Eiffel with a hand – and it is a nice “piece of world”.

To shoot this photo I used a Ricoh GR. It’s a great camera, I will never get tired of repeating it!

Parigi (Francia). Uno dei tanti venditori di souvenir della Torre Eiffel sulla Esplanade du Trocadero.

Quando sono a Parigi e ho un po’ di tempo da spendere, mi piace venire qui: è pieno di turisti che scattano foto in posizioni assurde – la più comune utilizza la prospettiva per dare l’idea che tengano la Torre Eiffel con una mano – ed è un divertente “pezzo di mondo”.

Per scattare questa foto ho utilizzato la Ricoh GR. E’ una gran macchina fotografica, non mi stancherò mai di ripeterlo!


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Milan (Italy). I captured this photograph today during my lunch break. I found the curiosity of this group of children for the fountain of Piazza Castello, something of very poetic. That’s it.

Milano. Scattata oggi in pausa pranzo: ho trovato la curiosità di questo gruppo di bambini per la fontana di Piazza Castello molto poetica. Fine.

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Coffee With a View (Caffè del Verone, Museo degli Innocenti)

Florence (Italy). I’m just back from the newly opened Museo degli Innocenti (Museum of Innocents, where innocents are abandoned children), a museum about a very old Florentine institutions – the Istituto degli Innocenti – which was founded in 1421 and was dedicated to provide assistance to abandoned children.

I will write some info about the Museo degli Innocenti soon. This photo has been taken from the coffee shop – Caffè del Verone – where it’s possible to enjoy a breathtaking landscape of Florence – the same one utilised for the cup decoration…

Firenze. Sono appena tornato dal Museo degli Innocenti, recentemente aperto e dedicato alla vecchio Istituto degli Innocenti che fu fondato nel 1421 per assistere i bambini abbandonati.

Scriverò presto qualcosa sul Museo degli Innocenti. Questa foto è stata scattata dal “Caffè del Verone” da dove è possibile godere di una vista mozzafiato di Firenze, la stessa vista utilizzata per decorare la tazza…


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Landscape of Istanbul Under the Snow

Istanbul (Turkey). It’s snowing again over Istanbul. After a magic white New Year’s Eve, another snowstorm is currently hitting the north-west of the country, causing some problems to the circulation, including ferries and airplanes (Turkish Airlines is cancelling several flights, internal and domestic).

Istanbul covered with a white layer is amazing: I know it’s pretty “normal”, and that it snows average once or twice per year, but still this event captures completely my attention and shows to my eyes a completely different city. Somehow, I have the feeling that the snow “cleans” everything and makes the city landscape more “uniform”, more regular, normalizing its irregularities and exalting the old city’s skyline with mosques and minarets.

I took this photo from the SALT Galata in Karakoy at the beginning of this year: at the top floor there’s a window with this amazing landscape. I guess it’s pretty much the same right now…

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