Thanks for visiting Photographing Around Me! Let me tell you something about my photoblog…

I decided to start this sort of “random photographic project” (ok, photoblog is definitely much nicer) during one of my frequent business trips. Since my job (which is not photographer, just for your information) brings me to see different places, and considering my insane passion for leisure traveling, one day I started to think that it could have been a nice idea sharing with friends and – in case – with some interested followers, what I see and what I photograph.

Of course I was totally aware of the many available social platforms for photo sharing, and I still use some of them (scroll down this page to see the full Social Profiles list)

But – I thought one day – what about developing my own photoblog? Something on which I can upload, display and share what I see through my lens every time I’m going somewhere?

So, here we are… this is the plane and simple philosophy behind Photographing Around Me, a photoblog developed and designed to share my photos and my thoughts.

But let me tell you something more: the DNA of Photographing Around Me and what makes this photoblog completely different from the majority of others.

First of all, here on Photographing Around Me there are no advertisements,

and to be honest I’m quite proud of keeping it clean from multicolored banners. As a consequence, Photographing Around Me is totally funded by myself (although the hosting, the domain, the performance levels required to display photos in a reasonable amount of time, and the general maintenance are expensive, not to mention the time I spend to keep this project alive with almost daily uploads).

Furthermore, Photographing Around Me is a free photoblog, not connected with any camera brand.

This means that I buy my cameras where I want, sometimes I sell them to buy different ones, and – most important – that opinions are completely mine and totally unrelated to camera producers. Therefore, if I like a camera it is because it’s what I think, not because I’m promoting a sponsor.

Last but not least, behind Photographing Around Me there isn’t any intention like selling photos, prints or books,

also because I really do not have time to do any of these activities: photography is my passion, I prefer spending time on the streets or travelling with my camera, eventually editing my favorite shots and uploading them here to prepare new posts. There isn’t any idea of making money out of photography and since I’m happy, I don’t want to change.

I think it was important to underline these few pillars about Photographing Around Me: if – as I hope – you agree and appreciate it, it’s definitely time to explore my images! And please do not forget to leave here your feedback: I’d love hearing from you!