The Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof) in Innsbruck

Innsbruck (Austria). The small and powerful Ricoh GR camera (perhaps the only camera really irreplaceable for me in this period) struggling with a night photo taken in Innsbruck, in front of the well-known Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof), a landmark structure in the Old Town and built with more than 2,500 copper tiles at the end of 1400 to celebrate year 1500 by Emperor Maximilian I.

Innsbruck (Austria). La piccola e potente Ricoh GR (forse l’unica macchina fotografica veramente insostituibile per me in questo momento) alle prese con una foto notturna scattata a Innsbruck, davanti al celebre Goldenes Dachl (Tetto d’Oro) simbolo della città e realizzato con oltre 2,500 scandole alla fine del 1400 per celebrare l’anno 1500 da Massimiliano I d’Asburgo.

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Monaco and Italy Pavilions at Expo Milano 2015

Milan (Italy). I finally had the opportunity of visiting Expo Milano 2015, the Universal Exhibition hosted in Milan from May 1 to October 31, 2015.

Unfortunately, as expected, the queues were too long and it was impossible to visit more than five or six pavilions in a day. The waiting time to see Brasil, Japan or Italy was more than three hours, and I found it very frustrating.

Therefore, I decided to take some photos: I brought my Leica with me and it was a nice exercise. Some pavilions (Russia and Germany, for example) have a terrace which offers a decent view over the exposition area.

Here are some samples: all my photos of Expo are tagged with “Expo Milan 2015” and can be seen clicking here.

This image has been taken from the terrace at the Russia Pavilion and shows a landscape with Monaco Pavilion, Italy Pavilion and – on the right – the “Albero della Vita” (Tree of Life).

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Le Marché de Noël (The Christmas Market) de La Défense (Paris)

Paris (France). The Christmas Market at La Défense (Marché de Noël de la Défense) is one of the largest of the Ile the France, with an extension of 12,000 square meters and more than 350 chalets.

The Marché de Noël de la Défense will remain open until the 27th of December 2016. I photographed it some days ago through a window from the EDF Tower.

Parigi. Il Mercato di Natale de La Défense (Marché de Noël de la Défense) è uno dei più grandi della regione attorno a Parigi, con 12,000 metri quadri di superficie e oltre 350 chalets.

Il Mercato di Natale de La Défense rimarrà aperto fino al 27 Dicembre 2016. L’ho fotografato alcuni giorni fa attraverso una finestra dalla Torre EDF.


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Turkish Coffee

Istanbul (Turkey). Turkish Coffee (Turk Kahvesi) is not simply “a coffee”… it’s a tradition, it’s a religion, it’s a ritual made of moments and that go well beyond simply the gesture of “drinking a coffee”. You have to wait, because when it comes served on your table it’s too hot. You have to drink it carefully, otherwise your mouth will be filled by the sandy coffee powder. You have to read its ground, so that you can learn more about your future and take the right decisions. For me – Italian – coffee is no more only “espresso”. A good Turk Kahvesi is a perfect boost to start the day!

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Sala Azionisti – Edison S.p.A.

Milan (Italy). Having the office in a historical building in the heart of Milan – although I spend here most of the time – has for sure several pros. One of them is represented by prestigious architectures that decorate and embellish what otherwise would be an anonymous working environment.

The “Shareholders’ Meeting Room” (in Italian: Sala Azionisti) at Edison S.p.A. headquarter is a perfect example to demonstrate what I’m trying to explain. Some days ago I finally had the opportunity to photograph this prestigious room, where there is one of the most beautiful ceilings I have ever seen in my life. It is a finely decorated polychrome glass dome, built in 1922 by the Italian manufacturing company “Corvaya & Bazzi” with a special decorative technique named “tubage”.

Tubage was very popular at the beginning of 1900s, but unfortunately the Second World War made most of the companies working with this technique disappear – and with them, their skills and expertise. Today some specialized companies are able to reproduce this technique, which basically consists of decorating using a syringe filled with a special paste, covering the work with a transparent enamel and tempering the surface at high temperatures.

Unfortunately, the Edison Shareholders’ Meeting Room it’s not a free access place, unless there are some public events. You can check it here, just in case!


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Ex Perfosfati (Stazione di Portogruaro)

Portogruaro (Italy). I have been watching this building for several years: every time I was arriving to or leaving from the small train station of Portogruaro (a town in the north east of Italy), my eyes were totally captured by this huge sample of industrial archaeology.

Surfing the web, I discovered some interesting things about this building. First of all, it dates back to 1949 (imagine: the Second World War was just finished and Italy was trying to resurrect) and it was built on a former industrial area operative since the beginning of the XX century. The shapes of the two ceiling were two huge paraboloids (37 meters wide, 28 meters high and 70 – the first building – or 90 meters long). These buildings were hosting the activities of the Perfosfati – a large Italian company specialized in producing fertilizers – and their operations ended in 1989, with the closure of the entire complex. Since then, the area was reclaimed (not completely, though) and then abandoned, as it is now.

However, – do not ask me why – I love these buildings! Behind their architecture and their shapes, there’s a long industrial history. The idea that every day hundreds of people were coming here to work, clashes dramatically with its current abandoned status. It looks like a “devastated cathedral” or a ghost town, but it contains the heritage of an industrial past and can therefore be seen as a monument to hundreds of workers that spent part of their life here.

For this reason, when some days ago I arrived here several minutes earlier than my train’s departure, and behind the building there was an amazing sunset coloring the cloudy sky of an intense red, I thought it was the perfect moment to capture this photograph. But I hope that the next photo I will take from here, will talk about the restoration (and development) of this abandoned area.

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Time to Say Goodbye – La Demolizione dell’Expo Gate

Milan (Italy). Expo Milano 2015 ended exactly one year ago, and the Expo Gate demolition has just begun. This large structure connecting Piazza Castello and Largo Cairoli was built to symbolise an access door to the Expo event and to the many initiatives related to it.

I photographed the Expo Gate several times (for example here, here and here) and all things considered I think it’s enough… it’s time to say goodbye, and to return watching the Sforza Castle without the futuristic frame of the Gate’s Pyramids.

Milano. Expo Milano 2015 è finito da esattamente un anno ed è finalmente in corso la demolizione dell’Expo Gate, la struttura che collega Piazza Castello con Largo Cairoli realizzata con l’intento di rappresentare una porta di accesso all’evento e alle numerose iniziative ad esso correlate.

L’ho fotografata diverse volte (ad esempio qui, qui e qui) e tutto sommato penso che tutto sommato può bastare così… E’ tempo di salutarlo, e di ricominciare a vedere il Castello Sforzesco senza la futuristica cornice delle piramidi di Expo Gate.

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The Ceiling of Nostra Donna Church in Pontremoli

Pontremoli (Italy). I must admit: have a sort of obsession for ceilings (here there are some samples from this blog) and I consider  myself a lucky person because sometimes I find great ones during my trips! Those who have seen me taking photos, can witness that I stay long time curved to find the perfect symmetry above my head: indeed photography is a great passion, and for a passion you can do everything, including painful things 🙂

Anyhow, let me stick on this photo, just to provide some information (well, I don’t have too much to say… just look at it!). This is the ceiling of Nostra Donna Church in Pontremoli: I visited it some weeks ago, and although it was not my first time there, still I noticed that it’s impossible not to remain amazed by this place! It totally captures your eyes, not only with its unusual shape, but also for its decorations on the walls and – of course – on the ceiling.

When I took this photo, the light was quite uniformly illuminating it, so the conditions were perfect for capturing this triumph of colors and scenes. If you have the opportunity to come to Pontremoli and visit the Church of Nostra Donna, do not forget to watch above your head: you will be truly amazed and you will understand my “obsession”! You can trust me…

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