Landscape of Chau Doc on the Mekong Delta

Chau Doc (Vietnam). Chau Doc is an intriguing destination on the Mekong delta, close to the Cambodian border. I definitely loved this place: I spent some hours photographing the life along the river’s banks, watching people farming fishes and moving with their boats. There’s something of magic here, it’s difficult to explain: a sort of “Vietnamese Venice” that made me thing that if Canaletto were from Vietnam, he would had painted Chau Doc.

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Giglio Porto (Isola del Giglio)

Giglio Porto (Giglio Island, Italy). The Giglio Island is unfortunately famous for the tragic Costa Concordia disaster, when a cruise ship capsized and sank after striking an underwater rock off just outside this small marina, resulting in 32 deaths. Today, the ship’s wreck has been removed and this lovely destination is back to its touristic vocation. I had the feeling – walking along the narrow streets of Giglio Porto – that locals don’t want to talk about the Costa Concordia, and that they want to put that episode behind them. And I think they are right: the Giglio Island is a perfect place for a relaxed and low intensity holiday, especially now that international broadcasters left the island switching off their reflectors from this small angle of paradise.

Giglio Porto (Isola del Giglio, Italia). L’Isola del Giglio è purtroppo famosa per la tragedia della Costa Concordia, quando una nave da crociera si rovesciò e affondò dopo aver colpito uno scoglio sommerso proprio fuori da questa piccola marina, causando 32 vittime. Oggi, il relitto della nave è stato rimosso e questa deliziosa destinazione è tornata alla sua vocazione turistica. Ho avuto la sensazione – camminando per gli stretti vicoli di Giglio Porto – che i locali non abbiano tanta voglia di parlare della Costa Concordia, e che vogliano anzi lasciarsi questo episodio alle loro spalle. E penso che abbiano ragione: l’Isola del Giglio è una meta pefetta per delle vacanze rilassanti e a bassa intensità, specialmente ora che le emittenti internazionali se ne sono andate dall’isola spegnendo i loro riflettori su questo piccolo angolo di paradiso

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Flying Over the Alps (From Milan to Paris AZ 350)

Omegna (Italy). Being a commuter between Milan and Paris has its advantages. Days ago I left Milan with a very thick fog onboard of the usual Alitalia flight AZ 350, but once I was flying above the Alps (more or less I appraised I was flying over Omegna) I noticed this landscape out of the window. The fog is still there covering the Po Valley, whereas the Pre-Alps and the Alps are sun-kissed.

I love photographing from an airplane. It’s a bit annoying when the internal glass is dirty, but fortunately almost every carrier gives some wet wipes, which can be perfect to clean the internal part of the window.

To take this photo I used the fantastic Leica Summarit-M 1:2.5/90.

Omegna (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola). Essere pendolare tra Milano e Parigi ha i suoi vantaggi. Giorni fa ho lasciato Milano sotto una nebbia molto fitta con il mio consueto volo Alitalia AZ 350, ma una volta sopra le Alpi (più o meno ho calcolato che stessi volando sopra Omegna) ho notato questo panorama fuori dal finestrino. C’era ancora la nebbia che copriva la Pianura Padana, mentre le Pre-Alpi e le Alpi erano baciate dal sole.

Mi piace molto fotografare dall’aereo. E’ un po’ fastidioso quando il vetro interno è sporco, ma per fortuna quasi tutte le compagnie aeree offrono delle salviette umidificate che sono perfette per pulire la parte interna del finestrino.

Per scattare questa foto ho usato il fantastico obbiettivo Leica Summarit-M 1:2.5/90.


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Rice Farmers of Vietnam

Chau Doc (Vietnam). Rice is probably the most important element of the Vietnamese cookery, not surprisingly the country is the world’s seventh-largest consumer. Furthermore, Vietnam is – after Thailand – the second largest rice exporter in the world and rice export contributes to a significant part of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. But the third – and not the least – reason why rice is important for Vietnam is the beauty of its fields. Rice paddles are a very popular attraction for tourists visiting Vietnam, and their color, their shape (especially in the norther region of Sapa) as well as the life of rice farmers around them, represent a great opportunity for photographers.

I was visiting the country around Chau Doc on a tuk-tuk, when I saw the typical scene of women with traditional Vietnamese hats, working together in a green rice field. I found the situation very nice and characteristic of the country, so I asked my driver to stop and I spent several minutes looking at them and capturing some images. This is one of them.

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Ecuador Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015

Milan (Italy). I finally had the opportunity of visiting Expo Milano 2015, the Universal Exhibition hosted in Milan from May 1 to October 31, 2015.

Unfortunately, as expected, the queues were too long and it was impossible to visit more than five or six pavilions in a day. The waiting time to see Brasil, Japan or Italy was more than three hours, and I found it very frustrating.

Therefore, I decided to take some photos: I brought my Leica with me and it was a nice exercise. Some pavilions (Russia and Germany, for example) have a terrace which offers a decent view over the exposition area.

Here are some samples: all my photos of Expo are tagged with “Expo Milan 2015” and can be seen clicking here.

From the terrace at the German Pavilion it is possible to see the Ecuador Pavilion, a very nice building with a colored facade.

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