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Erzincan (Turkey). Many days ago I found myself in the middle of nowhere a bit far from Erzincan, along the Euphrates river, for business. Driving off-road along a narrow and tortuous track, my attention was captured by an abandoned house, which had probably been transformed by local people in something else. I asked the driver to leave me there, while the rest of the team was proceeding for some kilometers before coming back and pick me up. I was a bit shocked by graffitis of guns, and probably I had been crazy because nobody knew about my presence there and I could had been easily kidnapped. The area was not safe at all, and I knew it, but – still – I wanted to stay there and capturing this photograph.

I titled it “Interior Design” since I was mostly concentrated on the wall’s graffitis and writings.

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Cena Con Me

Milan (Italy). Imagine… thousands of people attending a dinner without knowing anything – really anything, including the location – since few hours before the scheduled time. Only few rules, being the most important one on the dress code.


Yes, this is the spirit of Cena Con Me, an event I already photographed a couple of years ago, but that every time is a surprise. The organizers create the event on Facebook and collects the requests. Then, it communicates the location (in Milan) 5 hours before the time. Since that moment, people start collecting all the items prepared in the past weeks and gather to the selected place.

It happens therefore that a pacific place suddenly becomes a mess: a “white wave” made of people, tables, chairs, plates, glasses, balloons, candle holders, flowers, accessorizes… everything is rigorously white.

Beyond the color, there are few more basic rules: respecting the location leaving the place as it was before the event – therefore carrying away any sort of garbage; and closing the event at midnight.

Under the tag “Cena Con Me 2017” I’m posting some photos of the event. The location is Piazzale Giulio Cesare, the heart of City Life, a very interesting new development, with the amazing skyscrapers of Zaha Hadid and Arata Isozaki in the background.

Milano. Immagina… migliaia di persone che partecipano a una cena senza sapere niente – ma veramente niente, compresa la location – fino a poche ore prima dell’orario programmato. Solo poche regole, tra cui la più importante riguarda l’abbigliamento.


Si, questo è lo spirito di Cena Con Me, un evento che ho già fotografato in passato un paio di anni fa, ma che ogni volta è una sorpresa. Gli organizzatori creano l’evento su Facebook e raccolgono le richieste di partecipazione. Successivamente, comunicano il luogo di svolgimento (a Milano) 5 ore prima l’orario programmato. Da quel momento, la gente inizia a prendere tutte le cose preparate nelle settimane precedenti e a ritrovarsi presso il luogo stabilito.

Succede quindi che una piazza tranquilla diventi improvvisamente un caos: una “onda bianca” fatta di persone, tavoli, sedie, piatti, bicchieri, palloncini, candelabri, fiori, accessori… tutto è rigorosamente bianco.

Oltre al colore, ci sono poche regole di base: rispettare la location lasciando il posto come lo si è trovato prima dell’evento – quindi portando via ogni tipo di rifiuto; e chiudere l’evento a mezzanotte.

Con il tag “Cena Con Me 2017” posto alcune foto dell’evento. La location scelta quest’anno era Piazzale Giulio Cesare, nel cuore di City Life, un nuovo sviluppo urbano molto interessante, con sullo sfondo i bellissimi grattacieli disegnati da Zaha Hadid e da Arata Isozaki.

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The Fountain at the Baku Museum Center

Baku (Azerbaijan). When I enjoy some street photography and I try to capture images of people doing something interesting around me, I also like to imagine what they could think in that exact moment. And the same happens when I watch the shooted photos, as well as when I spend some time (not too much to be honest) in editing them.

Here I was walking around Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. It was a warm late afternoon and a lot of people were around walking along the nice corniche on the Caspian Sea. In front of a beautiful neoclassical building, there was an imponent and elegant fountain, and a young child was standing in front of it, almost hypnotized by the water flowing high in the sky.

I staid some seconds behind him, as said imagining what he was possibly thinking – or even dreaming, let me say. Everyone knows how much children can fly with their imagination, seeing what adults cannot see anymore… At the same time I captured this image, and the child’s silhouette helped me to give the idea of how big and imponent was the fountain.

It was a nice moment and today it’s still a sweet memory of few days spent in Baku for some meetings. And I’m happy to share it here on my blog with my followers.

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The Fisherman’s Family

Muscat (Oman). I captured this photograph when I was driving around Oman with a friend. It was late afternoon and we were along a beach not far from Muscat. People were preparing their boats for the night out, and I noticed this nice fisherman’s family. The man is repairing the nets, I guessed he will leave his children in few hours to take the sea and capture some fish to sell at the local market. All together they share this nice convivial moment, it was nice photographing them.

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Fishing Along The Shoreline (Lignano Riviera)

Lignano Riviera (Italy). This photograph dates back to almost one year ago: I took it at the end of last August, when I was in Lignano (Lignano Riviera, to be precise), a touristic spot in Friuli Venezia Giulia (in the North-East of Italy). I still remember that when I took this image, there was a fantastic warm and gentle light – it was around 7.30 PM, the so called “golden hour”, and the sun was going down just behind my – and my eyes were captured by this young boy fishing (or maybe playing as a fisherman) along the shoreline.

I don’t know why I did not consider this photograph immediately: maybe because initially I was much more intrigued by another image, captured and published that same day, and which was representing the concept of “end of summer”. However, in these days I was leafing through my portfolio and I noticed this scene: I looked at it with a different gaze since it was able to give me something like a “sense of calm”, the typical mood that accompanies the last days of summer – as they were when I captured this image. In a certain sense, I can say that this feeling is contrasting with the frenzy that precedes the summer holidays, as it is in these days; and maybe this is the reason why I thought it was a nice photo to be reconsidered (and shared).

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El Pibe de Oro (Maradona’s Murales). Quartieri Spagnoli, Napoli

Naples (Italy). I believe that few cities have with a specific person the same relationship that Naples has with Diego Armando Maradona, also known with the name “El Pibe de Oro”. Walking up and down around the so called “Quartieri Spagnoli” and talking with people sitting along the streets, it’s easy to understand how here in Naples, soccer is not only a sport or a passion, but rather it’s an instrument for a sort of “social redemption”.

In this sense, Naples-the-city perfectly corresponds with the Naples-soccer-team, and it’s especially for this reason that the memory for a player becomes the memory of an entire collectivity. A memory still well alive today, that keeps itself strong and proud in the course of the time, also thanks to expression of fondness and devotion such as this one photographed here: an impressive murales, realised in 1990, which covers the entire facade of a six-storeys building in Via Emanuele de Deo, and that has been recently renovated to bring it back to its original beauty.

It’s something worth watching at length, to be somehow contemplated, possibly contextualising it with the place where it is and with the people living there. The result is a truly unique cross section, in some ways touching, and for sure representative of a city – Naples – which has made of its passion for Diego Armando Maradona one of the hallmarks of its DNA.

Napoli. Credo che poche città abbiano con una determinata persona lo stesso rapporto che ha Napoli con Diego Armando Maradona, conosciuto anche come “El Pibe de Oro”. Camminando per i Quartieri Spagnoli e parlando con le persone sedute per strada, si capisce subito come a Napoli il calcio non sia solo uno sport o una passione, ma piuttosto sia uno strumento di riscatto sociale.

In questo senso, la Napoli città coincide perfettamente con la Napoli del calcio, ed è soprattutto per questo motivo che la memoria per un giocatore diventa memoria di un’intera collettività. Una memoria ancora oggi ben viva, che si mantiene forte ed orgogliosa nel tempo grazie anche a forme di affetto e di devozione come questa fotografata qui: un murales imponente, realizzato nel 1990, che si estende tutto lungo la parete di sei piani di una casa in Via Emanuele de Deo e che è stato recentemente restaurato per farlo tornare al suo splendore originale.

E’ un qualcosa da guardare a lungo, quasi da contemplare, possibilmente contestualizzandolo con il luogo in cui si trova e con le persone che quel luogo lo vivono. Ne viene fuori uno spaccato davvero unico, per certi versi emozionante, e sicuramente rappresentativo di una città – Napoli – che ha fatto della passione per Diego Armando Maradona uno dei tratti distintivi del suo DNA.

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Please, Do Not Pee In The Fountain

Milan (Italy). It’s very hot here in Milan in these days: the temperature is easily rising above 35 degrees Celsius (almost 100° Fahrenheit!) and walking around the city is tough.

For this reason, fountains are very appreciated by people: it’s common to see tourists (and not only) trying to find a bit of refrigeration putting their feet into the fresh water.

However, I was very disappointed when I saw this person peeing in the fountain of Piazza Castello! 🙂

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