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The world's beauty


In what I call “a landscape” I always try to find a particular combination of elements – sometimes homogeneous or complementary, sometimes very different if not even in antithesis among themselves. And this combination must be somehow able to talk to me, to my mind and to my soul.


Landmarks for the soul


There’s always at least one camera with me, even in my business bag or business suit’s pocket. And photographing a place means also capturing its landmarks – still trying to give my personal and intimate vision to them.


The perfection of shapes


Architectural Photography is an experience that goes far beyond the “simple representation of a building”. Architecture is a pure and noble expression of the human art, and it’s able to find its karma within hundreds of applications – constantly present around us and conditioning our lives.


Eyes and imagination


There is a sort of “reverential fear” when I put someone inside my camera viewfinder, as if I would feel that behind a face, a body or a human activity there’s a real life, which is always more important than my passion for photography and – not least – which is worth of respect.


More than just "objects' portraits"

Still Life

Even with Still Life Photography, whatever image I capture and whenever I do it, I realize I’m able to communicate something: primarily with/to myself, then with others.

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