29 October

29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramimiz Kutlu Olsun

Istanbul (Turkey). The Turkey Republic Holiday is a very important day, probably one of the most celebrated anniversary around the Country. The tradition foresees a sumptuous pyrotechnic show in Istanbul, with fireworks skyrocketing from many places all around the First Bridge crossing the Bosphorus. The event is really unique, and many people gather on the streets to enjoy the show.

This photo was taken in 2012 from the seaside at Eminonu (Sultanahmet). At that time I chose this place because I particularly liked the symmetry of the bridge: I was a bit far from the show, but fireworks were so big and luminous that it was impossible not remaining impressed. I was surrounded by people and although I went there very early, it was very crowded. Luckily, everyone was very respectful of my needs – I guess that they noticed the big camera, the long lens and the tripod, thinking that I was shooting for some magazines or newspapers…

Under the tag 29 October I’m collecting some other photos of this special day, when people greet each others with a proud “29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramimiz Kutlu Olsun!”

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The Glorious Turkish Flag (and some legends about it)

Istanbul (Turkey). My photo of the day (although I’m not always able to post one photo every day…) is not a landscape, or a building, or an interior. Today I post the photo of a flag, the glorious flag of Turkey.

Perhaps I’m not objective – Turkey is an important part of my life – but I have always thought that the flag of Turkey is one of the most beautiful flags in the world. It dates back to mid of 1800 – during the Ottoman Empire period – and the red recalls the blood poured by Turkish people for their nation, whereas the meaning of the crescent and the star has more than one interpretation. Some studies refer to a dream made by Osman I (the first ottoman emperor), when he saw the moon and the star appearing on his breast and expanding: this was seen as a presage about the future conquest of Constantinople. Other legends say that the moon and the star were seen the night when Mehmet II entered in Constantinople in 1453. According to some others, a reflection of the moon and a star appeared in pools of blood after the battle of Kosovo in 1448. However, the crescent is an ancient symbol for Istanbul: when it was still Byzantium, its patron goddess was Diana and her symbol was a moon. When in 330 the Emperor Constantine rededicated the city to the Virgin Mary (and named it Constantinople), the star symbol was superimposed over the crescent.

Whatever is its meaning, this beautiful and glorious flag today will stand out at many doors and windows along the streets of Turkey’s cities. Today is the 29 of October, the Turkey Republic Holiday – a very important day for the Country.

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Happy Birthday, Turkey! (Turkish Republic Holiday)

Istanbul (Turkey). This photo comes from the incredible fireworks shows during the celebration for the 2013 Turkish Republic Holiday in Istanbul (29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramı). I remember that I went two or three hours earlier to Ulus Parki to set my tripod and camera in the best possible place. The year before, I photographed the pyrotechnic show from Eminonu, so this time I was intrigued by a different angle.

This is one of many shots. All of them are under the tag 29 October

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