AF Prime Nikkor 105mm f/2.0D DC

The Sky Of Istanbul Out Of My Window Right Now

Istanbul (Turkey). You understand that you are deeply in love with a city, when after many years you are still watching out of the window with the camera in your hands, thinking that you are capturing the most beautiful landscape ever… This is the sky of Istanbul out of my window right now: yesterday it was the same, and probably it will be the same tomorrow as well. But to me, it’s always different, always special, always providing me with an unique emotion. So, am I right? Is this love? I think so…

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Venice in Chiaroscuro

Venice (Italy). Beyond its typical and “ultra-photographed” landscapes (and I must include myself in this category), photographing around Venice can offer wonderful moments of so called “chiaroscuro”. Moving away from the Gran Canal or the Rialto Bridge and walking along secondary streets, gives the possibility of seeing narrow canals only partially illuminated, The strong contrast given by half scene completely dark and the other one warm and sunny is nice, and makes photos of Venice look like some paintings from the artistic movement called “Macchiaioli”.

The photo here is an example.

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Landing At Venice Airport (VCE) Is Boring

Venice (Italy). I have been landing at Venice International Airport (VCE) for several years, and every time it is a very exciting experience! It’s unmissable: just before touching the ground, the plane approaches the landing strip flying very close to the city, offering to its passengers an unique opportunity for a bird’s-eye view of the downtown, the lagoon and the canals. Amazing!

During all these years, I have been collecting several photographs taken from the plane. Some of them – unfortunately – are unusable or look all the same. But with the remaining ones, I have created a small gallery, and I’m posting them here on my photoblog with the tag “Venice Airport (VCE)“.

Here’s my personal advice for all airplane travellers coming to Venice: reserve a window seat along the right side of the plane (far from the wing, obviously). And when the plane starts approaching the landing strip: not only you must put your seat backs in their most upright (and uncomfortable) position, close your tray table, and open the window shades; in this case, passengers are recommended to take their camera, switch it on, check its settings, compose the scene and – click! – capture the most exclusive landscape of Venice!

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