AF-S Zoom Nikkor 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR

London City’s Skyline

London (UK). One thing I love about London is its skyline. First of all, every time I watch and photograph it, it’s always different – with new buildings and shapes. But also because the sky of London – with its colours and clouds – is an amazing background, which emphasise the futuristic skyscrapers (among others, the newly built “Shard” and the Gherkin) and the old silhouette like the St. Paul Cathedral.

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Landscape of Istanbul

Istanbul (Turkey). This is a typical landscape of Istanbul, and one of the main reasons why I love to photograph this city. The strong contrast between the fierce and elegant skyline of Sultanahmet (with mosques’ minarets and domes), and the extremely bad conditions of the houses around. I could spend hours watching this landscape, continuously finding something interesting to notice…

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The Fisherman’s Family

Muscat (Oman). I captured this photograph when I was driving around Oman with a friend. It was late afternoon and we were along a beach not far from Muscat. People were preparing their boats for the night out, and I noticed this nice fisherman’s family. The man is repairing the nets, I guessed he will leave his children in few hours to take the sea and capture some fish to sell at the local market. All together they share this nice convivial moment, it was nice photographing them.

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And Suddenly, Petra

Petra (Jordan). It happens that you walk for some kilometers, along a narrow and high canyon. So narrow that it seems its sides are touching each other in some points. So high that you don’t see the sky. And then… The canyon opens itself and discloses one of the most beautiful, breathtaking, unique place in the world. The Treasury is not only the symbol of Petra, in Jordan. But also one of the most incredible archaeological site you can see in your life… Simply amazing!

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Flying Together: Exploring Cappadocia On Hot Air Balloons

Goreme (Turkey). Every morning (except when weather conditions don’t allow it) tens of hot air balloons take off around Goreme at sunrise, for a ride over Cappadocia – Turkey. It’s a lifetime experience, which gives not only the possibility to admire the incredible morphology of this unique region, but also the feeling of a silent flight suspended in the air.

And since the direction is mostly determined by the winds, it might happen that groups of hot air balloons fly together: initially it can be scary, but it takes few seconds to realize that these situations are risk-free…

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