The Fountain at the Baku Museum Center

Baku (Azerbaijan). When I enjoy some street photography and I try to capture images of people doing something interesting around me, I also like to imagine what they could think in that exact moment. And the same happens when I watch the shooted photos, as well as when I spend some time (not too much to be honest) in editing them.

Here I was walking around Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. It was a warm late afternoon and a lot of people were around walking along the nice corniche on the Caspian Sea. In front of a beautiful neoclassical building, there was an imponent and elegant fountain, and a young child was standing in front of it, almost hypnotized by the water flowing high in the sky.

I staid some seconds behind him, as said imagining what he was possibly thinking – or even dreaming, let me say. Everyone knows how much children can fly with their imagination, seeing what adults cannot see anymore… At the same time I captured this image, and the child’s silhouette helped me to give the idea of how big and imponent was the fountain.

It was a nice moment and today it’s still a sweet memory of few days spent in Baku for some meetings. And I’m happy to share it here on my blog with my followers.

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