Bell Tower

Street Decoration (via Ricci Armani)

Pontremoli (Italy). Just another image from a night photo-walk around Pontremoli with a Leica Q camera, shooting at f/1.7 and high ISO values (I must say that this is a wonderful camera with a great lens!).

Well, honestly I don’t have too much to write this time… except that I liked to see how even a simple small plant hung on a wall along a street, can be a nice way to decorate it. So the minute(s) you are saving with a short post to read, can be used to watch the photo longer and maybe to surf more my photo-blog 🙂

Ok, I need a holiday… (few days more!)



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Roofs of Venice, With the St. Mark Campanile and Basilica

Venice (Italy). Sad. But true. I’m clearly neglecting my blog. Personal engagements are putting the creation of new posts in low-priority mode, and even photographing – one of the things I love the most – is a memory (or at least I’m photographing the works at my new apartment, which I guess it’s not something of common interest).

Let me share, then, a landscape taken in Venice some months ago: it was between Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, during an amazing sunny day around one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The photo has been taken from the terrace of a hidden building – the name is Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo – and to reach the top, visitors will climb a very peculiar multi-arch spiral staircase. The climb itself is a nice experience. But the view is literally breathtaking!

Venezia. Triste. Ma vero. Sto chiaramente trascurando il mio blog. Alcuni impegni personali sono prioritari rispetto alla scrittura di nuovi post, e anche fotografare – una delle cose che amo maggiormente fare – è un ricordo (mi limito a fotografare i lavori del mio nuovo appartamento, ma immagino non siano di interesse generale).

Condivido quindi un panorama fotografato a Venezia alcuni mesi fa: era tra Natale e Capodanno, durante una meravigliosa giornata di sole passata in giro per una delle più belle città del mondo. La foto è stata fatta dalla terrazza di un palazzo nascosto – il suo nome è Palazzo Contarini dal Bovolo – e per arrivare in cima i visitatori devono salire lungo una scala a chiocciola molto particolare. La salita stessa è un’esperienza interessante. Ma la vista di Venezia dall’alto toglie letteralmente il fiato!

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Ponte della Cresa: Pontremoli by Night

Pontremoli (Italy). This is a self-promotional post: I hope I won’t seem narcissist, but in these days – until the 7th of August 2016 – I’m participating with three photos at an exhibition on Pontremoli and the Lunigiana region. One of these photos is this one posted here.

The photo (already posted in this blog one year ago, that time in black and white)  shows the very old bridge named “Ponte della Crësa”, which initially was built with wood in the 1300s, and it was reinforced – as it is today – during the 15th century. In the background, two landmarks of Pontremoli: the Bell Tower (popularly known as the “Campanone”) and the Cathedral’s Dome. The old town center of Pontremoli extends over a spit of land between the confluence of the Verde and Magra river, and this bridge is one of the city’s symbols. The name itself – Pontremoli – comes from the latin “Pons Tremulus“, where Pons is the latin word for bridge, whereas Tremulus is an old name for the poplar, the material used to build the bridge. According to another interpretation, “Tremulus” might stem from the fact that the bridge tended to shake. This is to say that Pontremoli has somehow built its history on bridges, and bridges themselves are the subjects of my photos selected for this exhibition.

For those who will be around Pontremoli – in the northern part of Tuscany – in these days, the exhibition will be held at the Galleria d’Arte Ex-Macelleria, Via Garibaldi 27 – 50027 Pontremoli (Massa Carrara). Opening hours: 10.30 / 13.00 and 16.30 / 19.30.


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