Fishermen Putting Out to Sea At Sunset

Dubrovnik (Croatia). Is there a word – in any language – that describes the sense of summer given by a winter day exceptionally warm? I’m thinking about a possible neologism able to summarize this feeling, which more or less has been experienced by everyone as soon as daylight becomes longer, winter moves closer to the end and, most important, temperatures become more acceptable, almost pleasantly mild. “Summarization”? Not yet; damn, it will be summer in so many months… Dewinterization? Neither, it sounds ugly… Animals have “to emerge from hibernation”, which could fit with what I want to mean: definitely they are one step ahead us!

However, I think it’s pretty clear this was my feeling yesterday: in fact, with a nice sun shining and a perfect temperature (considering it was the last day of January) I had in my mind and in my body the feeling it was finally time of “emerging from hibernation” And apparently I was not alone, since there were all around a lot of people walking, jogging or simply enjoying open-air time: so nice!

Once back home after a healthy run around the park, my positive mood brought me to surf and explore through my photographic archive, just to find an unpublished photo from the last summer and to prolong the nice feeling described above. As I always like to realize, watching my old photos is somehow like re-living the moments when I captured them. And I perfectly remember the situation behind this photo…

It was during last summer: I was going to Dubrovnik – a lovely town in Croatia and one of the top ranked places to see in 2016 according to many travel magazines – and a wonderful sunset was coloring the sky with a warm mix of orange and pink. As I was approaching the harbor, I crossed this fishing boat putting out to sea. I have always had a special interest for fishermen: even when I was a baby, one of my dreams was spending one night on a boat watching fishermen pulling the nets out of the sea. However, it remained a dream, but maybe one day it will become a nice reportage.

With this photo, I try not only to extend the nice mood I have been having since yesterday – although today it was foggy and cold, unfortunately – but also to spread out a bit of optimism saying to all my followers that, sooner or later, summer is definitely coming and this is one of the few certainties I can count on.


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The Colors of Geology, Ponza Island

Ponza Island (Italy). Summer holidays are useful – among other things – to put ideas together (well, in my case I use them also to take new photos for my blog, but this is a very personal aspect). However, I have used the past weeks of rest and disconnection from work, to meditate about the sense and the purpose of this my project called “Photographing Around Me”. No, don’t worry: I’m not thinking about shutting it down! On the contrary, my willingness is exactly the opposite: what can I do to make it more popular and usable?

The answer, in a certain sense, was in front of my eyes; but I had to think a bit about it, and waiting for the last days of holiday before finding it and understanding where the key of the wanted change was. I began from the considering that this year – probably for the first time since I have this insane passion for photography – I spent my whole holidays in Italy, my country. In a certain sense, the little desire to travel due to recent and frequent terrorist attacks, made me consider to remain within my “national borders”; however, this decision has given me the possibility to discover and to realize more and more – day after day – how beautiful and unique is Italy! In its landscapes, in its people, as well as in food and in many different situations…

For this reason, since today, I will do my best to write my posts not only in English (as usual) but also in Italian: I took this decision because I do hope that Italians – perhaps even landing on and surfing my blog – could discover the beauty of the Country in which they live and try to resist the temptation of going abroad for their holidays, eventually visiting our marvelous peninsula.

Ponza Island has been one of the places I have visited this summer. I remained fascinated not only by its crystalline sea, but also by the colors of its rocks, which – I guess to expert geologists – tell the long story of the volcanic island’s formation.

Le vacanze estive servono, tra le altre cose, per mettere insieme le idee (beh, nel mio caso anche a scattare nuove foto per il blog… Ma questo è un aspetto molto personale). Ad ogni modo, nelle ultime settimane ho approfittato di questo periodo di riposo e di stacco dal lavoro per riflettere sul senso di questo mio progetto chiamato Photographing Around Me. Non vi preoccupate: non sto pensando di chiuderlo! Anzi, la mia volontà è esattamente il contrario: cosa posso fare per renderlo ancora più diffuso e fruibile?

La risposta, in un certo senso, era davanti ai miei occhi; ma ho dovuto pensarci un po’ e arrivare agli ultimi giorni di vacanza prima di trovarla e di capire dove poteva essere la chiave del cambiamento ricercato. Sono partito dalla considerazione che quest’anno ho trascorso – forse per la prima volta da quando ho questa insana passione per la fotografia – tutte le mie vacanze in Italia, il mio paese. In un certo senso, la poca voglia di viaggare dovuta ai recenti e continui episodi di terrorismo, mi ha fatto propendere per rimanere dentro i confini nazionali; tuttavia, questa decisione mi ha dato modo di scoprire e di rendermi sempre più conto, giorno dopo giorno, di quanto meravigliosa e unica è l’Italia: nei paesaggi, nelle persone, nel cibo, nelle situazioni più diverse…

Per questo motivo da oggi cercherò di scrivere i miei post anche in Italiano (oltre che in inglese, come ho sempre fatto): perchè vorrei che gli Italiani possano, magari anche tramite le mie foto, scoprire la bellezza del paese che abitano e – almeno una volta – provare a resistere alla tentazione di andare in vacanza all’estero e visitare la nostra meravigliosa penisola.

L’Isola di Ponza è stato uno dei posti che ho visitato questa estate. Sono rimasto profondamente affascinato non solo dalle sue acque cristalline, ma anche dal colore delle sue rocce che – immagino agli occhi di un esperto geologo – raccontano la lunga storia della formazione di questa isola vulcanica.

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