Sunset Behind The Bosphorus Bridge

Istanbul (Turkey). Here we are with another typical contrast of Istanbul, something that I love and that has a positive effect on my soul: at the end of a chaotic and hectic day, the sun goes down behind the first Bosphorus Bridge, giving a sense of quite and calmness to the Turkish metropolis.

This is Istanbul, a place that is always surprising… The photo has been taken from the Asian side, in the district of Cengelkoy.

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From the Boat Crossing the Bosphorus

Istanbul (Turkey). Crossing the Bosphorus – for hundreds of thousands of commuters¬†every day – is just moving from home to office and back: it’s quite normal in a city with 15+ millions of inhabitants, and which extends itself along two continents… But if you are in Istanbul and you want to feel the spirit of the city, do not miss the opportunity to catch a boat (from Eminonu to Uskudar or Kadikoy, or vice-versa) and breath the sea-breeze. By crossing the Bosphorus you will be impressed by how the city can be different from that perspective point. No traffic (except maybe some seagulls), no noise, no pollution: it’s a sort of refuge, an escape way from the daily noise. And a wonderful point for capturing photos of Istanbul’s landscape.

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