Camlica Hill (Watching Europe from Asia)

Istanbul (Turkey). The Camlica Hill is one of my favorite spots to spend an entire afternoon photographing around me. The place itself is quite special, there are restaurants and tea gardens, and locals love to go there. It’s also very popular for wedding photography. But the main reason to visit Camlica Hill, at least for a tourist or a landscape photographer, is the amazing view of Istanbul: during clear sky days, it’s possible to see a large part of the city along the Bosphorus, from the so called “Second Bridge” to Sultanahmet, including the skylines of Levent and Maslak.

Reaching Camlica is easy: there are many public services, but the easiest way is catching a taxi directly at the ferryboat station in Uskudar.

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Arnavutkoy Iskelesi (Arnavutkoy Pier)

Istanbul (Turkey). Arnavutkoy is a nice district of Istanbul, with many fish restaurants and typical old wooden houses. I was here tonight for dinner, and my eyes were captured by this scene. I do not know why: I think I have seen the same situation hundreds of times. But sometimes even usual things look different, maybe something inside ourselves change the perception of images. So, before dinner, I decided to capture the traditional ferry – which brings people up and down the Bosphorus – resting before another hectic day, as a sort of warrior before his fight (I don’t know why, but this is exactly the feeling I had photographing this old “vapur” at the Arnavutkoy Iskelesi).

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Being a Commuter in Istanbul (Winter is Coming)

Istanbul (Turkey). Sometimes I should post my photos without writing my thoughts: not because I’m lazy, or because I’m overwhelmed with my work. More simply, because some photos speak for themselves.

Before reading below, please take few seconds and think about what this photo is saying. You can keep it for yourself or write a comment if you want: it does not matter; the goal is to make you watch something without the usual rush.

Why I’m doing this? Because this what usually happens when you are a commuter in Istanbul… You are always, constantly in a hurry, and thousands of people around you are in the same situation: most probably, you will have to take a bus, then a boat, then a metro and finally maybe a taxi or a “dolmus”… However – here I’m coming with my message – if you can find the time to “think about what you are doing”, then you will realize that the frustration of “being a commuter” can develop into the consciousness and – let me say – emotion of “being a commuter in Istanbul”.

I took this photo some years ago, and it is still one of my favorite one: I was waiting for my boat, but I was so hypnotized by the situation, that I remained on the side of the Bosphorus for a long time watching this scene. What for everyone – me included – was something of absolutely normal (even boring or, as I said, frustrating) was slowly becoming unique. The ferry (in Turkish they are called “vapur”, keeping the old name of steamboats) was slowly leaving the dock from Uskudar to bring people to Besiktas: the sky is grey, the city’s colors are totally erased. A group of seagulls is following the boat, and people are feeding the animals with small pieces taken from their “simit”. In the background, the Galata Tower interrupts the skyline made of old houses and some mosques.

Now, think about it one more time: how is being a commuter in Istanbul?


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Sunset Behind The Bosphorus Bridge

Istanbul (Turkey). Here we are with another typical contrast of Istanbul, something that I love and that has a positive effect on my soul: at the end of a chaotic and hectic day, the sun goes down behind the first Bosphorus Bridge, giving a sense of quite and calmness to the Turkish metropolis.

This is Istanbul, a place that is always surprising… The photo has been taken from the Asian side, in the district of Cengelkoy.

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