Brunelleschi’s Cupola

Long Time No See (Roofs of Florence)

Florence (Italy). Long time no see, Florence: I have been quite busy, but I still love you don’t worry. Long time no see, my dear camera: if I have not been bringing you with me for long time, it’s because there was nothing to photograph. Long time no see, photographingaround.me: I guess you are disappointed because I’m not updating you anymore – at least not enough – but I had other thoughts in my head.

Well, now I’m back!

Firenze. Tanto tempo che non ci vediamo, FIrenze: sono stato piuttosto impegnato negli ultimi tempi, ma ti amo ancora – non preoccuparti. Tanto tempo che non ci vediamo, cara macchina fotografica: ma se non ti ho portata con me per tutto questo tempo, è perchè sapevo che non ci sarebbe stato nulla da fotografare. Tanto tempo che non ci vediamo, photographingaround.me: immagino tu sia deluso perchè non ti sto più aggiornando – almeno, non abbastanza – ma ho avuto altri pensieri per la testa.

Bene, sono tornato!

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Florence in Chiaroscuro (Landscape from Piazzale Michelangelo)

Florence (Italy). I’m sorry for being repetitive. I know I have taken this picture, from this position, many many times; and like me, millions of people. But Florence has this unquestionable talent of enchanting and spellbinding people every time they are watching it, like the first time.

Some days ago I was at Piazzale Michelangelo, the sun was going down and the rays were lighting up the buildings’ facades along the Lungarno, creating an amazing chiaroscuro. I have shot, perfectly knowing that I was not going to capture an original image. But who cares, this is my blog and I do what I want!

Firenze. Mi dispiace essere ripetitivo. So di aver fatto questa foto, da questa posizione un sacco di volte; e che come me, altri milioni di persone. Ma Firenze ha questa indiscussa capacità di incantarti e di ipnotizzarti ogni volta che la guardi, come se fosse la prima.

L’altro giorno ero al Piazzale Michelangelo, il sole stava iniziando a scendere e la luce illuminava le facciate dei palazzi sul Lungarno, creando un bellissimo chiaroscuro. Ho scattato sapendo benissimo che non avrei fatto una foto originale. Ma chissenefrega, questo è il mio blog e io faccio quello che mi pare!

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Rain Cannot Stop My Desire to Photograph Florence

Florence (Italy). The past weekend I spent some time in Florence, the city where I was born many some years ago and where I love to return. As I already wrote several times in the past, it’s interesting when I approach a city that I’m supposed to know very well, with the curiosity of a “first time”. It’s a sort of “exploring the known”, but it’s in any case something of very interesting and stimulating for my “2 + 1” eyes (I included my lens of course).

This time, I decided to dedicate some hours to the “Museum of the Opera del Duomo”, which has been recently renovated. I was extremely wishful to visit this place, and the main reason was – beyond the enthusiastic comments I got from other visitors – a book that I have recently read and that describes the history of the legendary Brunelleschi’s Dome. I will write a specific post on the Museum (with some photos taken directly from the inside); but since the ticket for the museum includes also the access to the top of the dome, I wanted to climb it.

The weather was not nice: it rained all the day and the sky was grey and cloudy. And despite the fact I have been on the top of the dome many times in my life, I was excited as if it were the first time… For this reason I titled this post “Rain Cannot Stop My Desire to Photograph Florence”: and this here is the result of a challenging – but still nice – landscape shooting from the top of the largest masonry cupola on earth.

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Coffee With a View (Caffè del Verone, Museo degli Innocenti)

Florence (Italy). I’m just back from the newly opened Museo degli Innocenti (Museum of Innocents, where innocents are abandoned children), a museum about a very old Florentine institutions – the Istituto degli Innocenti – which was founded in 1421 and was dedicated to provide assistance to abandoned children.

I will write some info about the Museo degli Innocenti soon. This photo has been taken from the coffee shop – Caffè del Verone – where it’s possible to enjoy a breathtaking landscape of Florence – the same one utilised for the cup decoration…

Firenze. Sono appena tornato dal Museo degli Innocenti, recentemente aperto e dedicato alla vecchio Istituto degli Innocenti che fu fondato nel 1421 per assistere i bambini abbandonati.

Scriverò presto qualcosa sul Museo degli Innocenti. Questa foto è stata scattata dal “Caffè del Verone” da dove è possibile godere di una vista mozzafiato di Firenze, la stessa vista utilizzata per decorare la tazza…


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Florence by Night (Landscape from Villa Bardini)

Florence (Italy). This is a postcard; an “easy” postcard. I know. And I’m not a big fan of this type of photos. But it’s also Florence, my city, captured from probably the best observatory in town; and I could not resist. This image has been taken from the terrace of Villa Bardini, a former private residence now used for exhibitions. From there, it seems possible touching the heart of the city; and by night, Florence becomes even more magic. As said: I could not resist.

Firenze. Questa foto è una cartolina; una “facile” cartolina. Lo so. E non sono un grande amante di questo genere di foto. Ma è anche Firenze, la mia città, fotografata da quello che probabilmente è il punto di osserazione migliore possibile; e non ho potuto resistere. Questa foto è stata scattata dalla terrazza di Villa Bardini, in precedenza una residenza privata, oggi utilizzata per ospitare delle mostre. Da là, è possibile toccare il cuore della città; e di notte, Firenze diventa ancora più magica. Come detto, non ho potuto resistere.

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