Casa degli Atellani

Casa degli Atellani and Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan

Milan (Italy). This is one of those situations in which I have to say “thanks God there’s the Ricoh GR camera“! Last night I went to a very nice cocktail, organised by the Italian desk of a prestigious international law firm. The venue was a wonderful and very prestigious location: its name is Casa degli Atellani (Atellani’s House), which is just in front of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the famous church where Leonardo da Vinci painted his masterpiece “The Last Supper”. I went there directly from office, and I had with me in my raincoat pocket only the small but powerful GR.

This photo has been taken from a window at the upper floor: it was already dark, and I loved this view of the house courtyard with – in the background – the stunning dome of Santa Maria delle Grazie church.

I will come here again during the day: in the backyard there is a lovely garden, the so called “Leonardo’s vineyard” (there is a fantastic story behind it, and you can read about it here) and I want to take more photos.

I love my job (especially when it gives me opportunities like this)!

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