The Fisherman’s Family

Muscat (Oman). I captured this photograph when I was driving around Oman with a friend. It was late afternoon and we were along a beach not far from Muscat. People were preparing their boats for the night out, and I noticed this nice fisherman’s family. The man is repairing the nets, I guessed he will leave his children in few hours to take the sea and capture some fish to sell at the local market. All together they share this nice convivial moment, it was nice photographing them.

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Friendship Request

Asylah (Oman). I was lost somewhere around the East Cost of Oman, driving with a friend through a very poor village. Few people were around, most of theme were children playing in the streets. From the way we were observed, we got the feeling it was not a “typical” touristic place. At a certain moment, we stopped the car to u-turn and leave that place; and immediately, a group of 4 little girls ran to our car. The first one was probably the most “daring”, as she wanted to introduce her shy friend to us. I captured this photograph in that exact moment, and it opened a window of thoughts into my mind…

We live in a socially networked world, made of virtual friendship, tags and likes: are we sure we are still keeping the real sense of friendship? That moment, for me, was so intense and special that from time to time I like to ask myself the meaning of friendship. The pure and ingenuous smile of this young girl, while she tries to involve her friend, always brings me back to reality. For this reason I consider this photograph – not technically perfect – one of my favorite shots ever.

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Playing War (Children from Balat)

Istanbul (Turkey). Today April 23rd is the Children’s Day in Turkey (Çocuk Bayramı). The country celebrates its children, and I think this is a wonderful tradition. I celebrate this special day with all my Turkish friends posting a photograph I captured two years ago during a walk around Balat, in Istanbul. I met these three children playing war: when I proposed them to pose for my camera, they did it in a way like “ok, but please be fast; we have to fight our enemy”. The huge contrast between their behaviour and their children’s eyes impressed me a lot. I found this photo quite symbolic: for this reason – once again – I use it to celebrate this important day: 23 Nisan Çocuk Bayramı kutlu olsun!!

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Playing Intifada Near Baalbek

Baalbek (Lebanon). This scene happened in front of my eyes some years, when I was travelling around Lebanon. That day I was in Baalbek, a wonderful site with an ancient Roman city, and just around the archaeological area I noticed a group of children, more or less 8-10 years old. They were playing, as every child normally does; but their game really surprised me: they were playing “intifada”, dividing themselves into two groups and throwing stones against each others. When I captured this photograph two of them were targeting one of the group, probably the youngest.

I found this scene very cruel and symbolic of the reality that these children – and many others around the world – have to live daily. No PlayStation or any other gaming console, no smartphones or tablets, just some stones and their fantasy. Which, combined together with that tendency to imitate adults (typical of young generations), bring these children to play intifada…

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