The Cloister of Porto Sé Cathedral

Porto (Portugal). The Sè Cathedral in Porto is one of the most important city’s landmark and attracts thousands of people – tourists and worshippers – every day: for this reason it is normally quite overcrowded.

However its cloister – which is accessible paying a small entrance fee – is totally another place, and when I was walking around it, I was particularly moved by its silence and tranquility. This made my visit particularly pleasant and gave me the opportunity to shoot these amazing Azulejos without anyone around.

What really impressed me and captured my attention, is the visible contrasts on the walls: the grey color of the structure contrasts magnificently with the Azulejos highlighting them and without giving the filling effect of “being too much”; but I found also particularly pleasant another contrast, given by the vertical and regular lines typical of Gothic architecture, versus the irregularity, the fantasy and the two-dimensional shape of Azulejos.

The light coming from the center of the cloister was perfectly enhancing the composition: this is one of my favorite photographs I have taken in Porto.

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The Majolica Cloister at Santa Chiara Monastery

Naples (Italy). I like to consider this angle when I take photos of cloisters (here’s another one – pretty similar – from Portugal), although in this case I should have included in my photo not only the wonderful painted wall on the right, but also the majolica decorating the wall at the left side of the corridor.

The name of this wonderful place is “the Majolica Cloister at Santa Chiara Monastery”. It is located in the hearth of Naples and dates back to 1739. Walking around this cloister is a true experience: not only for its beauty, but also for the calm and quiet atmosphere, which contrasts with the chaotic and teeming neighborhood: the entire complex – the Church and the Monastery – is located along the famous “Spaccanapoli”, the straight, long and narrow main street that traverses the old, historic city center, one of the three Greek-Roman “decumani” (east-west streets) when the city name was “Neapolis”.

The cloister surrounds a wonderful garden, all decorated with majolica and with luxuriant olive and lemon trees.

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I Was Walking Around Milan, When I Pointed My Camera Through A High Window and…

Milan (Italy). As the title says, I was walking around Milan today – more or less it was lunch time – when I noticed a high window above my head. It was open…

To be honest, I knew what was behind that window, but still I wanted to “steal” a photo of the interior. I have been loving this place – the cloister of San Simpliciano Basilica – since the first time I saw it. It’s such a magic location in the heart of Milan, so peaceful and “disconnected” from the hectic life out there, with the colonnade surrounding a wonderful garden.

During the Design Week, it’s normally used for some expositions and installations and for this reason is packed with people. Today no, the cloister was empty and “the silence coming from the interior” is what captured my attention. I took my camera, I brought it above my head to reach the high window and I took this photo.

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