Smelling Oncoming Summer Rainstom (Maire Tecnimont)

Milan (Italy). An image taken last night: these days are characterized by heavy clouds and unexpected sort-of-tropical rainstorms, which can be very annoying – except when they bring / leave such an amazing sky!

Clouds can never hide the sun forever; so don’t complain about clouds but never forget to welcome the sun [Debasish Mridha]

I took this image walking through Piazza Gae Aulenti, just at the foot of the UniCredit Tower (the building on the left): I liked the contrast between the illuminated Maire – Tecnimont building against the dark sky in the background: a very quick capture, before heading home waiting for the rainstorm – which did not happen.

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Frank Gehry for the Louis Vuitton Foundation

Paris (France). The futuristic building, which hosts the Louis Vuitton Foundation (or “Fondation Louis Vuitton” in French) is one of those places where you can spend an entire day, walking up and down the stairs as well as exploring its halls, without getting bored. Furthermore, if you like architecture photography, you will enjoy the challenge of shooting a place characterized by “irregular” shapes, and which seems a ship with sails swollen by the wind. I found photographing this place, designed by the “starchitect” Frank Gehry, at the same time tough and exciting, a truly demanding experience; and I could not enjoy it more!

The photo here is just one of the many I captured during my visit: the light was creating some difficulties and I decided to include in the composition the interesting fountain outside the building. What is difficult to give is the real dimension of the entire structure: it’s really big, but I hardly could find a place to shoot it in its entire development. More photos will follow with the next posts (I will create the tag “Louis Vuitton Foundation”); for the moment, I recommend this place if you are planning a trip to Paris. It’s not the “typical” Parisian location (probably for this reason I liked it even more) although at the time I visited it, there was an amazing exhibition of paintings (Munch, Matisse, Picasso, Brancusi, Mondrian, Malevich just to mention some).

Another plus: the Louis Vuitton Foundation is in the middle of the Jardin d’Acclimatation, a very beautiful garden, very silent and far from the crowd.

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If Photography Is Freedom, Photographing a Prison Is…?

Milan (Italy). Last Saturday – after visiting the World Press Photo 2016 exhibition – I spent the evening at a friend’s home for his housewarming. I did not bring my Leica Q with me, but in my pocket there was room enough for the Ricoh GR. And I was happy to use it in front of this interesting urban landscape, glorified by a very intense sunset.

When I was preparing the camera to capture this image, I was becoming more and more thoughtful about the sharp contrast in front of myself: photography, for me, is the quintessence of the sense of freedom; so, what can be the sense of photographing a prison?

Yes, the large building photographed here is the San Vittore prison, located in the heart of Milan (it dates back to 1872) and hosting more than 900 detainees: it was a bit impressive watching its tall walls, and the two different sides of it. On one side, there was the city, its traffic, people: in one word, there was freedom. On the other one, nobody – except some guards monitoring the situation and a sense of discomfort. The sunset was painting this strong juxtaposition with a gentle tone of blue and orange, and the clouds were making the sky agitated and a bit restless. Like myself, thinking about what at the end became the title of this post.

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Sunset from the Church of Soccorso, Forio (Ischia)

Naples (Italy). I don’t like (anymore) photographing a sunset “in itself”, stand alone; unless there is something else in the image that can characterise it. Yesterday I was shooting some photos around Forio, a lovely small village on the Ischia Island – not far from Naples, in the South of Italy. Here, there is a small church called “Chiesa dell Soccorso” (literally translated, “Church of the Rescue”) and around it, plenty of people gather together every day to assist the show of the sunset in the sea.

I took this photo to celebrate the beginning of my summer holidays…

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Paris Sky

Paris (France). One of the never annoying things to do in Paris is simply watching its sky! Clouds, sunsets, colors… they always mix themselves up, creating often unique and impressive landscapes. This picture was taken last Saturday from Place de la Concorde (Tuilieres Garden); a dark, thick and threatening cloud was coming above my head, but at the same time a warm and reassuring sunset was coloring the sky behind the Tour Eiffel. The entire contrast was pretty exciting and impressive: from one side there was an “Armageddon style” situation, from the other one something more romantic and calm. I guess you want to know what happened at the end: you won’t believe me, but yes – it did not rain! I told you: watch the sky of Paris, you won’t get annoyed easily…

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The Mont Blanc at Sunrise (from the plane)

Somewhere above the Alps (between Italy and France). I must confess that I’m neglecting my blog in these days, but I’m dedicating all my time to other things and I’m completely overwhelmed. For this reason, I find myself photographing through the window of a plane (and it’s good that I always bring a camera with me) commuting for business between Milan and Paris.

Days ago, during one of the typical amazing sunrises of this period, I noticed the peak of this mountain appearing through the clouds. Once landed, I found on internet the exact path of my flight, and through the time of shooting, I reached the conclusion that this could be the east side of the Mont Blanc.

I don’t know if it is true or not – perhaps a mountain lover can confirm it – but in any case it has been one of the most intense photographic moments of the past days (after all, they have been very few…)

Da qualche parte sopra le Alpi. Sto trascurando il mio blog, lo ammetto; ma sono impegnatissimo su altri fronti ai quali sto dedicando tutto il mio tempo e tutte le mie risorse. Per questo motivo, mi ritrovo a scattare foto attraverso il finestrino di un aereo (e per fortuna che mi porto sempre dietro una macchina fotografica!) mentre pendolo per lavoro tra Milano e Parigi.

Giorni fa, durante una delle solite meravigliose albe invernali di questo periodo, ho scorto la cima di questo monte emergere dalle nuvole. Una volta atterrato, ho ritrovato su internet la rotta esatta dell’aereo e – tramite l’orario di scatto – sono arrivato alla conclusione che il monte in questione potrebbe essere il versante Est del Monte Bianco.

Non so se sia vero – forse un appassionato di montagna può effettivamente confermarmelo – ma comunque sia, è stato uno dei momenti fotografici più intensi degli ultimi giorni (del resto sono stati talmente pochi…).

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Rain Cannot Stop My Desire to Photograph Florence

Florence (Italy). The past weekend I spent some time in Florence, the city where I was born many some years ago and where I love to return. As I already wrote several times in the past, it’s interesting when I approach a city that I’m supposed to know very well, with the curiosity of a “first time”. It’s a sort of “exploring the known”, but it’s in any case something of very interesting and stimulating for my “2 + 1” eyes (I included my lens of course).

This time, I decided to dedicate some hours to the “Museum of the Opera del Duomo”, which has been recently renovated. I was extremely wishful to visit this place, and the main reason was – beyond the enthusiastic comments I got from other visitors – a book that I have recently read and that describes the history of the legendary Brunelleschi’s Dome. I will write a specific post on the Museum (with some photos taken directly from the inside); but since the ticket for the museum includes also the access to the top of the dome, I wanted to climb it.

The weather was not nice: it rained all the day and the sky was grey and cloudy. And despite the fact I have been on the top of the dome many times in my life, I was excited as if it were the first time… For this reason I titled this post “Rain Cannot Stop My Desire to Photograph Florence”: and this here is the result of a challenging – but still nice – landscape shooting from the top of the largest masonry cupola on earth.

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