Sea of Clouds (from Milan Linate to Paris Orly)

From Milan (Italy) to Paris (France). On my frequent flights commuting between Milan and Paris, the moment during which I’m crossing the Alps is one of the most waited for (together with the take off). It’s funny, but despite an average of three back&forth flights per month (therefore 6 Alps’ crosses) I feel it’s every time a new experience.

And last Monday the Alps’ peaks were emerging from a very thick and dense layer of clouds, from which the title “Sea of Clouds” – pretty obvious.

Da Milano a Parigi. A bordo dei miei frequenti voli da pendolare tra Milano e Parigi, il momento durante il quale sto attraversando le Alpi è uno dei più attesi (assieme a quello del decollo). E’ divertente, ma nonostante una media di tre voli andata / ritorno al mese (e quindi sei sorvoli delle Alpi) ho la sensazione che ogni volta sia una nuova esperienza.

E lunedì scorso, le cime delle Alpi uscivano da una coltre di nuvole molto densa e spessa, da cui il titolo “Mare di Nuvole” – abbastanza ovvio.


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A Storm Is Coming Over Paris

Paris (France). This photograph here shows how was the sky over Paris today: although landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport was a bit “tough” due to strong winds and heavy rains, I must admit that once arrived at destination, these thick and dark clouds were pretty impressive. Impossible resisting from photographing such an amazing landscape!

It’s not the first time I write about the sky of Paris, and I’m firmly convinced that it’s one of the most beautiful and surprising sky I have ever seen. It is – let me say – “charismatic”. Yes, this is the most suitable definition: the sky above Paris is charismatic. I like this sentence, I will very probably use it again soon…

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The Sky Of Istanbul Out Of My Window Right Now

Istanbul (Turkey). You understand that you are deeply in love with a city, when after many years you are still watching out of the window with the camera in your hands, thinking that you are capturing the most beautiful landscape ever… This is the sky of Istanbul out of my window right now: yesterday it was the same, and probably it will be the same tomorrow as well. But to me, it’s always different, always special, always providing me with an unique emotion. So, am I right? Is this love? I think so…

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Sunset from the Church of Soccorso, Forio (Ischia)

Naples (Italy). I don’t like (anymore) photographing a sunset “in itself”, stand alone; unless there is something else in the image that can characterise it. Yesterday I was shooting some photos around Forio, a lovely small village on the Ischia Island – not far from Naples, in the South of Italy. Here, there is a small church called “Chiesa dell Soccorso” (literally translated, “Church of the Rescue”) and around it, plenty of people gather together every day to assist the show of the sunset in the sea.

I took this photo to celebrate the beginning of my summer holidays…

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Villa Manin (Behind The Gate)

Passariano di Codroipo (Italy). The lucky people that were able to visit the Italy Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, probably noticed this magnificent villa in the video containing the “Italian Excellencies”.

The name of this place is “Villa Manin”: it is an historical building (a typical “Venetian Villa”) placed in the middle of the Friulan countryside, between Pordenone and Udine, not too far from Venice. It was built by the Manin family in the 1650, and today it is owned and managed by the Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia (the regional administration), which uses Villa Manin to host prestigious international exhibitions, including those of some photographers such as Robert Capa (I loved it!) and Man Ray.

Some historical facts: Villa Manin was the residence of Ludovico Manin, the last Doge of Venice. Among its famous guests there was Napoleon Bonaparte, which established here for a couple of months his headquarter during the signature of the Treaty of Campoformio between France and Austria (17 October 1797).

I took this photo without thinking too much about the composition: I simply liked the wide facade of Villa Manin behind the big entrance gate and with a dark cloudy sky in the background. Since the day I took this photo I was just walking and I hadn’t my camera bag with me, I used the small and powerful Ricoh GR camera (always in my jacket’s pocket).


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If Photography Is Freedom, Photographing a Prison Is…?

Milan (Italy). Last Saturday – after visiting the World Press Photo 2016 exhibition – I spent the evening at a friend’s home for his housewarming. I did not bring my Leica Q with me, but in my pocket there was room enough for the Ricoh GR. And I was happy to use it in front of this interesting urban landscape, glorified by a very intense sunset.

When I was preparing the camera to capture this image, I was becoming more and more thoughtful about the sharp contrast in front of myself: photography, for me, is the quintessence of the sense of freedom; so, what can be the sense of photographing a prison?

Yes, the large building photographed here is the San Vittore prison, located in the heart of Milan (it dates back to 1872) and hosting more than 900 detainees: it was a bit impressive watching its tall walls, and the two different sides of it. On one side, there was the city, its traffic, people: in one word, there was freedom. On the other one, nobody – except some guards monitoring the situation and a sense of discomfort. The sunset was painting this strong juxtaposition with a gentle tone of blue and orange, and the clouds were making the sky agitated and a bit restless. Like myself, thinking about what at the end became the title of this post.

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Paris Sky

Paris (France). One of the never annoying things to do in Paris is simply watching its sky! Clouds, sunsets, colors… they always mix themselves up, creating often unique and impressive landscapes. This picture was taken last Saturday from Place de la Concorde (Tuilieres Garden); a dark, thick and threatening cloud was coming above my head, but at the same time a warm and reassuring sunset was coloring the sky behind the Tour Eiffel. The entire contrast was pretty exciting and impressive: from one side there was an “Armageddon style” situation, from the other one something more romantic and calm. I guess you want to know what happened at the end: you won’t believe me, but yes – it did not rain! I told you: watch the sky of Paris, you won’t get annoyed easily…

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Landscape of Ponza at Sunset

Ponza Island (Italy). A photograph of Ponza taken during a walk alongside the small marina at sunset, when the boats return after a day spent sailing close to its amazing coast, and fishermen are preparing their boats for the night fishing.

Memory of a summer that seems already so incredibly faraway…

Isola di Ponza. Una foto di Ponza fatta al tramonto durante una passeggiata lungo il molo del porticciolo, quando la sera le barche rientrano dopo una giornata trascorsa lungo le sue meravigliose coste, mentre i pescatori si preparano ad uscire per la notte.

Memoria di un’estate che sembra già così lontana…

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Rain Cannot Stop My Desire to Photograph Florence

Florence (Italy). The past weekend I spent some time in Florence, the city where I was born many some years ago and where I love to return. As I already wrote several times in the past, it’s interesting when I approach a city that I’m supposed to know very well, with the curiosity of a “first time”. It’s a sort of “exploring the known”, but it’s in any case something of very interesting and stimulating for my “2 + 1” eyes (I included my lens of course).

This time, I decided to dedicate some hours to the “Museum of the Opera del Duomo”, which has been recently renovated. I was extremely wishful to visit this place, and the main reason was – beyond the enthusiastic comments I got from other visitors – a book that I have recently read and that describes the history of the legendary Brunelleschi’s Dome. I will write a specific post on the Museum (with some photos taken directly from the inside); but since the ticket for the museum includes also the access to the top of the dome, I wanted to climb it.

The weather was not nice: it rained all the day and the sky was grey and cloudy. And despite the fact I have been on the top of the dome many times in my life, I was excited as if it were the first time… For this reason I titled this post “Rain Cannot Stop My Desire to Photograph Florence”: and this here is the result of a challenging – but still nice – landscape shooting from the top of the largest masonry cupola on earth.

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Parisian Sky

Paris (France). “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky”. Rabindranath Tagore, Indian poet (1861 – 1941). This is how I’m trying to feel today.

This photo has been taken from a building’s courtyard at Le Marais, in Paris. Time ago.

Parigi (Francia). “Le nuvole giungono fluttuando nella mia vita, non più per portare pioggia o per annunciare la tempesta, ma per aggiungere colore al mio cielo al tramonto”. Rabindranath Tagore, poeta indiano (1861 – 1941). Oggi cerco di sentirmi così.

Questa foto è stata fatta dal cortile di un palazzo nel Marais, a Parigi. Tempo fa.

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